Suicide and the Eternal Nature of the Soul

By Anonymous

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Suicide and the Eternal Nature of the Soul


Description on Back of Book

You do not need to purchase this book. It can be downloaded for free at The information given in this book should not be sold for a price, but offered to all free of charge. Anything that is really of any worth to the human race should always be offered for free.

If you’ve thought about, or are thinking about, ending your life, this book is for you. Before you end your existence upon this earth, give this book a chance.

The purpose of this book is not to immediately change your mind. One book shouldn’t have that kind of power over you. Your decision to end your life proves just how much power YOU have over your own existence. No one has the power to stop you from taking your life.

The hope of this book is that, after considering its information, you will find the power within your Self to change your own mind, by yourself, without being manipulated in any way, by anyone.

If this book serves its purpose, you will be convinced that YOU are worth saving, and your life upon this earth worth living.