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Chapter Three: “THEIR” WORK

You will find that your grandfather has a lot of enemies and critics because of the work that I do.  It might be possible that your parents are one of them.

As I present the facts of my life, you will come to find out that my father (your great-grandfather) was one of them.

Although I have never done any intentional wrong to anyone, nor do I have the disposition or personality that would, many things have been written about me that seem pretty bad.  And many bad things have happened to me because of these enemies and critics.

On March 10, 1990, while I was working in a farm store in Snohomish, Washington, two sheriff deputies entered the front door with their guns drawn and ordered me to put my hands in the air.

Your aunt/mom Brittany was just six years-old and could run the cash register by herself, of course with my supervision.  I was so happy that she wasn’t with me at this time.

I put my hands in the air.

The deputies frisked me and put handcuffs on me.

I had no idea what was happening.

I will share all the details with you later.  You’ll want to know why your great-grandfather filed a false police report against me and caused all of this.

For now, here are a few of the actual statements from the sheriff’s report outlining what had happened:

(Beginning of excerpt from sheriff’s report.)

“He [great-grandpa Michael J. Nemelka] was concerned about his son’s mental health, and some threats his son made on 3-6-90.  His son Chris told him that he would not let his ex-wife [Paula] see their two children [Brittany, age 6 and Joshua, age 4], and that he would kill them, himself, and anyone else that tried to take them from him.  Michael said that Chris behavior changes he gets excited says that he is a prophet of God, and talks to him regularly.  He said that Chris keeps a rifle 30-06, and a 357 pistol, somewhere in the store.  He also says plans on leaving for Canada with his present wife and four children.

“With Michael Nemelka in his vehicle, was Chris’ first wife [Paula], he said that as soon as we took Chris into custody they [Great-grandpa Nemelka and Great-grandpa Alvin Blades, and Paula, who were in the vehicle] would take her two children and flee to Utah.  He said that Chris’ present wife Jackie was fearful of Chris, and she would take their two children [Brandon, age 1 and Caleb, age two months] as soon as we took him into custody and also flee for Utah.

“At approx. 1400 hrs. I contacted Chris at his place of business, Walts Milk House, Sgt. R. Mara assisted w/Dep. T. Green.  We found Chris very stable, intelegent [sic] and discussed his father’s accusations.  Chris said that his family has been against him ever since he left their religion, and accepted another.  He said he owned a .22 rifle at home, had never owned a .357 or a 30-06.  He has never told anyone he would harm his children and never would.”

(End of excerpt from sheriff’s report.)

I know, right!  How could a father do this to his son?  How could he lie in such a vicious manner?  But these were only the beginning of his and others’ lies that would eventually lead to a great deal of turmoil and persecution in my life.  And again, I did nothing that my father accused me of, nor have I done anything that has been accused of me by my critics and enemies … not a single thing!

But there, in black and white, is a sheriff’s report that is now a documented part of my history.  Just over a year later (in June 1991), there would be another sheriff’s report filed in Ravalli County, Montana, that would make even more outrageous accusations about me … and this time, even about Jackie.  These evil things were again started by my own father, your great-grandfather.  (I’ll give these details later.)

I know, right!  Why?  Why would my own dad do this to me?

Why do my critics and enemies say and publish so many evil things about me that are not true?

My father never apologized, yet I treated him with kindness, compassion, and respect, not only throughout the entire ordeal, but throughout the rest of my life.  Not only did I forgive him, but I did everything within my power to make his life comfortable, at least in regards to his association with me.

Dad would become a respected LDS/Mormon Bishop and a beloved Nemelka patriarch, loved by his followers and the other members of my family.  In his later years, Dad would tell me that he loved me, if I happened to be around for the opportunity.  He would invite me to all his family events.  I went to a few.  I respected him and always treated him with kindness and the love a son should show his father.  I have never disrespected or done anything bad to my dad … nor to anyone else.

Not in billions of billions of billions of years would I ever do to my son what my dad did to me.

Except for filing a defamation lawsuit against a couple of my critics and enemies because of their gross accusations and lies published all over the Internet—not because it bothered me, but because their accusations were hurting other innocent people—I would never treat another person with an evil disposition or do any intentional harm to them … not in billions of billions of billions of years!

My dad is as good as the next guy, in fact, in my opinion, Dad is much better than most in how he treats others in spite of how he treated me.  I wrote of him in the previous chapter,

“Like everyone, my dad was a good man.  He was a compassionate and kind man to others in need.  He was a crucial part of my upbringing and early life.  The decisions he made for me would affect the rest of my life and prepare me for my brain’s transfiguration.”

I also wrote of him,

“Later, you will learn more about your Great-Grandfather, Michael J. Nemelka.  He is my dad and one of your parent’s grandfathers.  He is the perfect example that I will use to show how a person can gain self-worth and value from believing that he belongs to God’s only true church and has God’s power in priesthood authority.

Remember what I told you about my brain change—that since then I knew the Real Truth about who we are and why we exist, and that each person is actually a highly advanced compendium of matter (the highest possible), and the most important person in the universe?  Well, I knew this of my own father.  Why would he be any different than anyone else just because he was my father?

To him, I know that this is his universe, his life experience.  I am simply a part of his universe and existence.  Nothing he could ever do to me would be wrong.  How could it be?  It was right for him at the time he did it.  Somehow his actions were justified in his mind.

Although I wrote above that his actions were “evil,” actually, they were good.  They were the right thing for him, for his life, for his existence, for his universe … for his God.

You see, grandkids, although you will read about many things that your own grandmothers (Paula, Jackie, Marcee, or Vicky) did to me, and you might consider them bad, if you keep the above perspective about things … which is the Real Truth … you will come to realize that they did the right thing … for them.  The did what their God wanted them to do.

Except for not loving them and valuing them the way that a man should who made it appear that he was “in love” with them, I have never done any bad thing to any of the women in my life.  To this day, I would embrace them, love them, respect them, and help them if they were ever in need.

You see, grandkids, I don’t need to forgive them.  I don’t need to forgive my dad.  Forgive them of what?  They didn’t do anything wrong.  They did and have been doing that which has been done in all the other worlds where humans exist.

You only need to forgive someone if you think someone has wronged you in some way.

After my transfiguration, I understood the reality that nothing that is done by a human is wrong … for them.  It might be wrong for you, but not for them.  If a person does something, the person is following the dictates of their own conscience, or better, doing what their mind tells them to do.

So, if I may, let me put it as I know it to be:

Everyone is following their own God and fulfilling their God’s commandments and desires.  Religion is simply the process and organization by which a person convinces others to serve that person’s God instead of their own.  Every God is right for the person who choose to follow God, which makes every God wrong for those who choose not to submit to God.

Your grandpa coined and register the following statement:

Everyone is right.  Which makes everyone wrong.®

My father was not wrong in what he did to me, he was following his chosen God.  But was he following his own chosen God, or the God that someone else had created and established for their own Self, and then convinced my father to follow them?

My father followed the God responsible for the religion to which he gave his heart and soul: the LDS/Mormon religion.

My father did nothing wrong.  But his religion did.  His religion, the God whom my father chose to follow was responsible for everything that my father did to me throughout my life, good or evil.

It was easy for me to forgive my father.  But I will never forgive his religion.

As my father searched for self-worth and -value while he was growing up, he was primarily exposed to the LDS/Mormon God.  His father, my grandfather, Joseph Nephi Nemelka, loved the Church with all of his heart and soul, and taught his children to do the same.

My dad loved his father.  My dad wanted to please his father.  My dad wanted my grandfather to love him and respect him.  So after a few years of rebelling against the commandments of the LDS/Mormon God, my father sought for and finally found his value and purpose in life.  As I explained, he became a Mormon Bishop and is now a High Priest in the LDS/Mormon priesthood.

If we consider that there is only one God, and that God’s only true and living church is the LDS/Mormon Church, and that if one is not baptized and does not receive the other special ordinances of this religion, one will suffer eternal damnation, my father was a very good man for trying to save the eternal souls of Jackie, Brittany, Joshua, Brandon, and Caleb on March 10, 1990.  No matter what lie he had to say, no matter what law he had to break, even if it led to me going to jail, or even be killed, my father only wanted to obey the command of “the Spirit,” which said unto him,

“And it came to pass that the Spirit said unto my father: put your son in jail, for the Lord hath delivered him into thy hands; Behold the Lord incarcerates the wicked to bring forth his righteous purposes.  It is better that your son should perish than that your grandchildren should dwindle and perish in unbelief.

“And now, when my father had heard these words, he remembered the words of the Lord which were spoken to him by God’s prophet upon earth, saying that:  Inasmuch as thy seed shall keep my commandments, they shall prosper in the land of promise and be saved in the Celestial kingdom of God.”

If you’re not familiar with the above words, get out a Book of Mormon and turn to 1 Nephi, chapter 4, verses 12 to 14.  “The Spirit” of the Book of Mormon God specifically commanded a man to murder another defenseless man who was lying passed out drunk on the street, steal his clothes and belongings, then go to his house, pretend to be him, and steal other important things … all because God wanted the rest of the world to do what He wanted them to do, “keep the commandments.”

“Yea, and I also thought that they could not keep the commandments of the Lord according to the law of Moses, save they should have the law.  And I also knew that the law was engraven upon the plates of brass.  And again, I knew that the Lord had delivered Laban into my hands for this cause—that I might obtain the records according to his commandments.”  (1 Nephi 4:15-17.)

My father acted properly according to everything that he had been taught by his religion.  He was following “the Spirit” and acted solely for the eternal sake of his own soul and family.

In reality, my father was doing everything in his power to justify and hang on to the self-worth and value that he had received from his religion, which again, was not his religion, but was someone else’s who had convinced him that their God was he only true and living God.

The problem that my dad started having with me is that my new religion made more sense than his.  The more I would talk to my father about what I knew, and the more sense it made, the more afraid he became that everything that he valued about himself might be wrong.  People protect their own self worth and value, even if they have to sacrifice a beloved son’s life to do it.  (Sound like a religious belief you might know?)

Needless to say, I love my father.  I know that as he prays to God for guidance, he is being answered by the only god that actually exists: his basic human desires of self-worth and purpose.

Some of the educated people in the world call these basic human desires: the id.  I call them … Lucifer.

My father prays and is answered by Lucifer.  Lucifer is the sole originator and perpetrator of all the religions upon Earth, every one!  Lucifer is responsible for all the “commandments of God” that exist, which are simply “the philosophies of men mingled with scripture.”

You know what’s funny, grandkids?

Remember in the first chapter when I told you about my receiving the most sacred and highest ordinance in the LDS/Mormon faith: the temple endowment?


What I said above about my dad praying and getting answers from his own mind, from “his basic human desires of self-worth and purpose” that I call, Lucifer, is exactly what is taught in the LDS/Mormon temple endowment presentation … almost verbatim!

Right before my father’s eyes, all those times that he attended the temple and did work for dead people so that he could even save the souls of the dead in the Celestial kingdom of God, he was being told that the only entity that hears and answers mortal prayers is Lucifer.

The endowment presentation is specific and clear that anyone living upon earth, which is presented symbolically as living in a “lone and dreary world,” when they pray, no matter how sincere, they are always answered by Lucifer.  The endowment presentation’s teachings are very clear that Elohim (the Mormon god) and Jehovah (the Mormon Christ) do not know what is going on upon earth and do not hear and answer prayers.

Amazing, huh?  Millions of people sit in the Mormon temples throughout the world and see the endowment presentation, exactly how I have described it above, and they do not realize that the founder of their religion, Joseph Smith, Jr., is teaching them the Real Truth about human reality—who we are and why we exist.

If you ever want to know more about the LDS Temple endowment, then read one of the books associated with my work: Sacred, not Secret: The Official Guide In Understanding the LDS Temple Endowment.

Under the direction of a group of people that had recruited me to their cause, I wrote the book … yeah, hoping that my father would one day read it.

Of the books that are associated with me and my work, my father once said, “They are spiritual pornography.”  He said this to me personally.

Every ounce of personal self-worth, value, and purpose my father possesses comes from his religion … from what he believes to be true.  Without it, your great-grandfather would have nothing and his self-worth and value would end.

Now it should make sense why I have always respected his religion and catered to it when in his presence.  He is my dad.  I am not going to take away his self-worth and purpose in life.  Remember, this is his universe … his reality.  Although I’m his son, I’m simply one of the dream characters existing in his universe.  His god is really the only god that exists … for him.

But my father’s god cannot solve poverty and inequality.  My father’s god allows young women and men to prostitute (sex) themselves for just enough money to provide themselves and their families with the basic necessities of life.  My father’s god allows all of these things to occur upon Earth.  Why?  Because, as I wrote, my father’s god is Lucifer, which in reality is our basic human desires of self-worth and purpose.

My father’s religion is one of the wealthiest religions upon earth, yet, it has never presented a valid and sustainable plan to end poverty or child prostitution.  My father’s God allows free agency … uh, Lucifer … to rule and reign in this world and do anything that he [Lucifer] wants.

If you were to trace the reasons why this world is the way that it is, why it seems to be as bad as it is, why so many people justify the existence of evil and don’t do anything about it, all you would need to do is to understand religion.  Religion is the culprit.  Religion is the cause.

To understand religion, you must first understand God.

Remember how I ended the last chapter,

“And now it’s time to explain to you where this incredible plan [to end worldwide poverty] came from.  For all intents and purposes, the plan came from God, who chose your grandfather as His True Messenger.  Now, let me tell you how I came to know how to solve all of the world’s problems.”

After I quit my job at the LDS/Mormon Church in the early part of 1988, we sold most of our possessions, started dressing like the Amish people, loaded up what we could in a Mazda truck, by which I pulled an old truck bed-turned cargo trailer, and headed wherever my new god would take us.

Jackie and I ended up in Jackson County, Missouri, in a small town called Grandview, where Brandon was born.  From there we moved to North Dakota for a short time and eventually made our way to Seattle, Washington, where we eventually were settling down in the city of Snohomish.

After a short investigation into my father’s god’s malicious claims against me, the Snohomish County Sheriff informed my father, that if he ever set foot again in Snohomish County, he would be arrested.  Needless to say, the Sheriff was pretty upset that my father had dragged the Sheriff’s office into his malicious plan.  Regardless, I figured if my dad would do what he did, he would try anything.

And it came to pass that shortly after the incident in Snohomish, I loaded up Jackie and the kids into the small 17 foot travel trailer in which Caleb was born (January 7, 1990), and we moved into the central part of Seattle.

I found an old 30 foot school bus for sale ($700), bought it, gutted the travel trailer and turned the bus into a home for us.  Later, I will explain all the details of this move and how we ended up in Kent, Washington, at the  residence of Rick and Joy Church.  These people graciously allowed us to park our bus on their property.  Rick and Joy Church are some of the kindest, most compassionate people I have ever known.  (More about them later.)

At the time I was working for myself in Property Maintenance.  Joy Church worked for one of the companies that I offered my services to and from which I was able to obtain a lot of work.  While on a particular job in the early part of 1991, fixing a man’s plumbing that had frozen up, I turned around and was confronted by two people who appeared to be about my same age (29 years old), but had more of a feminine look about them.  They looked a little familiar but I couldn’t place from where I might have known them.

It wasn’t a confrontation, but more of an introduction.  At first I thought they were there to ask me if I had any work for them to do.  Boy, was I wrong!

I will never reveal the true identity of these two persons.  But for all intents and purposes for which they sought me out, I will call these two, Timothy and John.

They told me that they had followed me for sometime, all the way from Utah in 1988, to Grandview, Missouri, to North Dakota, and then to Seattle.  They told me that what I had experienced—my transfiguration—so had they.  They told me a lot of other things at that time that I will tell you later.

First of all, I immediately wondered how they knew about my experience because I had never told anyone the details.  Yet, they seemed to know exactly what had happened.  I figured that if it had happened to me, it could obviously have happened to others, especially to someone of the same age and upbringing.  But I would eventually find out that their upbringing was way, way different than my own … way!

We probably talked for about two hours.  The homeowner who owned the house where I was working was out of town, but I had promised to get all the plumbing replaced or fixed by the end of the next day.  The two “men” (at least who I thought were male at the time) offered to help me.  I refused their help.  They asked if they could bring by a couple of their other friends to meet me the next day.  I didn’t see a problem with it, but I had to get on the plumbing, so I said goodbye.

The next day, the same two knocked on the door of the house I was repairing.  Behind them stood two men who were of Latino descent, not Mexican, and not Argentinian, where I had served my LDS/Mormon mission.  They looked Peruvian, and I knew they were actually men, as they had none of the feminine characteristics associated with the other two.

As mentioned about the first two, I will never reveal their true identity (the legal names that they go by in this world).  But for all intents and purposes for which they joined the other two who had sought me out, I will call these two, Mathoni and Mathonihah.  I would find a funny nickname for them: M&Ms … because they are small and dark.

Long story short, these four men (let’s just call them all “men” for now) constitute the main group of individuals responsible for the work that I have been involved in: a Marvelous Work and a Wonder® and the Humanity Party®.

They sought me out to recruit me to their work.  These men knew, not only everything that I knew about human reality—who we are and why we exist— but everything about everything about this world.

It was their ideas and experience from which the Humanity Party®’s plan to end worldwide poverty and inequality came.  I had nothing to do with it.  How could I?  I didn’t know shit about politics, economics, government, history, nor did I have the experience to solve the world’s problems.  THEY DID!

I found out that M&M lived in France and that John lived in Lebanon.  Timothy had spent the majority of his life … well, my life … in the United States.  I figured that from traveling throughout the world is where they got their information and knowledge.  It took quite a few years, in fact, it wasn’t until November of 2003, that I was finally convinced of who these men really were and what they wanted from me.

Long story … very short …

I returned to the bus and told Jackie that I had to go somewhere, and I didn’t tell her where.  I was gone for a few days.  When I returned, I announced to Jackie that I had just visited with Paula and her new husband, Carl Ladenburg, of Columbia Falls, Montana, and that we were going to move to Montana so that Brittany and Joshua could start getting to know their mother.  I told Jackie that I had invited Paula and Carl to Kent to see and visit the kids.

The true reason was that these men wanted to buy some land for me and have me settle down so that I could help them.  They advised me to make things right with Paula, so they helped me drive to find her living with her new family in Montana.  (More about this meeting in another chapter.)

Yeah, just a year had passed since Paula drove with her father and my father to Snohomish to put me in jail and take the kids from me.  A normal man would have held a lot of pain, hurt, anger, and vengeance in his heart for what Paula and my dad had done.  But, grandkids, as I have been explaining to you, your grandpa is far from normal.  And what these four men were telling me and asking of me was certainly very far from normal!

Needless to say, Jackie was dumbfounded.

These men asked me to be their public messenger and to help them change the world by first changing a person’s view of religion so that people would start working towards a more unified world where poverty did not exist.

You see, grandkids, there was no way that your great-grandfather was going to back a plan to end poverty unless the Mormon God, through this god’s LDS/Mormon leaders, introduced and supported the plan.  Mormons are waiting on Jesus to do it.  They believe that if God wanted to solve poverty, He would tell his living prophet what needed to be done.

So the first thing that needed to be done was to change the way someone like my dad viewed and depended upon religion.  I didn’t have a fucking clue how to do this.  But THEY DID!

These four men, and a few others, had been concocting a plan to confront religion, and then poverty, for many years.  And if I told how many years, you would probably stop reading this autobiography and agree with my critics and enemies that your good ol’ grandfather had lost his mind.

Lost my mind?  How can a person who is crazy do the following:

Write The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon—The Final Testament of Jesus Christ, a book that if read by even the staunchest LDS/Mormon would change their entire perception about their religion, about their God, about human reality.

Write a book that confounds hundreds of years of research and explanations given about the esoteric (weird) book of Revelation of the Bible.  A book that no scholar, educator, religious priest, or anyone else on the entire planet can denounce as the probable and only true explanation for Revelation’s symbolism.  This symbolism was unfolded in the book, 666, The Mark of America, Seat of the Beast—The Apostle John’s New Testament Revelation Unfolded.  How did your crazy grandpa explain something that has eluded the smartest minds throughout history?

Write a book that completely explains the symbolism behind the LDS/Mormon temple endowment and how this symbolism is a perfect allegory of human reality—who we are and why we exist: Sacred not Secret—The Official Guide In Understanding the LDS Temple Endowment.

Write a biography with incredible insight and information that has never been known about Joseph Smith, Jr., the alleged founder of one of the most successful and wealthiest modern religions upon Earth:  Without Disclosing My True Identity—The Authorized and Official Biography of the Mormon Prophet, Joseph Smith, Jr.

And finally, and most importantly,

How the fuck, did your profanity speaking, insane grandpa, introduce a political platform, that includes a rewrite of the United States Constitution, that if incorporated, would end poverty and inequality through the entire world?

This shit doesn’t come from a crazy mind.  This shit didn’t come from my mind.  I don’t have the experience or the education to do these things.  THEY DO!

So here it goes … here’s where the “crazy” part of grandpa’s story starts.  Here’s where my enemies and critics have a problem with what I do.

Here is when who “THEY” are becomes important:

Timothy and John have been living upon this earth since the first time that humans started living here … yep, for billions of years!  M&M have been around for tens of thousands of years and lived long before their current ancestors, the Incas and Aztecs ruled South America.

Only with the personal, firsthand experience that “THEY” have can one know the proper solutions to solve the world’s problems.

My personal, firsthand experience, at least that which I had participated in, was limited in this life time to about 30 years.  I didn’t know shit.  And guess what, grandkids, neither do the historians and scholars upon whom this world places honor and respect.  They weren’t alive at the time that history unfolded.  All historians have upon which to base their so-called expert opinion of what actually happened is things written by other people—usually by others who weren’t there to experience things firsthand either.

There are problems in this world.  These problems were caused by humans.  To solve these problems, we need to know how they started in the first place.  This is the only proper way that we can reverse what we have done and are doing, not only to each other, but to the natural state of the world.

The earth has always existed for the sake of humans.  Think about it, what other life form would care if Earth existed or not?  If earth has always existed for the sake of humans—because humans are the only life form that consciously thinks about why the earth exists—then whenever the earth began, or rather, when the first human started thinking about their own existence while living upon earth, what was Earth like?  What were the first humans like?  How did the world become what it is today?

The best way to answer these important questions about human reality is to ask someone who knows from firsthand experience.  Everyone else is simply guessing.

THEY recruited me to do THEIR work.  At first, I didn’t understand their work at all, because I had not experience it.  But I had a lot of experience with the LDS/Mormon religion.  So, if they wanted to confront religion, I was on board to start with the religion of which I had the most personal experience.  This is exactly what they expected and why THEY recruited me.

Long, long, long story made very short …

I agreed, lost Brittany and Joshua, then disagreed, spent years trying to change things my own way (without any real, firsthand experience), failed miserably, didn’t help change anything, had a bunch more kids from different women, pissed off the women because I couldn’t give all of myself to them, pissed off a Mormon judge, got put in jail because the women didn’t want me around my kids, lost all of my children, eventually got Brittany and Joshua back, and then later, Rachael, found out that my kids were pretty messed up humans, helped them straighten out their lives the best I could, agreed to help THEM again, became THEIR True Messenger and have been doing what THEY have told me to do ever since.

And what is it that THEY want me to do?

Nothing more or less than make the information of the Real Truth about who we are and why we exist available to others.  If the world can first learn this Real Truth, only then can humanity save itself.  Only then can this world serve the purpose for which it exists.

You see, grandkids,

If your grandpa is who he says he is, then everything that everyone thinks about reality, about religion, about what is good and bad … everything that gives a person their self-worth, -value, and a purpose for living … is wrong for humanity.  Everything that a person values to be good is actually destroying this world.

Any wonder why I have so many enemies and no one wants to read my books?

But always remember,

I didn’t write these books and provide the information for them.  THEY DID!


Why did THEY chose your crazy grandpa to be THEIR True Messenger?

In this chapter I explained when and where they first asked me, and I gave a few details about how they asked me (many more of these details will follow in my autobiography).

But why?

Why out of literally billions of people on Earth, I, alone, was chosen for this job?

I don’t know.  Really.  I haven’t a fucking clue.

After I lost Brittany and Joshua to more malicious commandments given to my father, and to Paula and Carl Ladenburg by their God, I told THEM to stick it!  I wasn’t about to do what they wanted me to do for them if it was going to mean that I would lose my kids and be persecuted.

Well, even after I quit THEM, I would lose everything, all of my other kids, finally be put in jail and become a wanted fugitive from justice.  I hurt a handful of women, breaking their hearts and causing them to want their pound of flesh from me and make me hurt like they were hurting.

The persecution and misery in my life didn’t end just because I decided I didn’t want to help THEM do THEIR work.  Because the persecution and misery wasn’t a cause of their work.  The persecution and misery came from me trying to live in a world alongside people who,“Don’t have a fucking clue what the real truth is!”

And to this day, I wish I didn’t know.

But I do.  And unless something else happens to my brain to take all that I know away so that I can rejoin the normal mortal human race, I will have to deal with “These people [who] don’t have a fucking clue what the real truth is!”

Truthfully, grandkids, I’ve lost all hope in humanity.

It is hard for people to give up their religion.

Because of religion, poverty will remain.  Because of religion, the god of this world will continue to answer prayers and guide and direct humanity HIS WAY.

I don’t do this work for any other normal mortal person.  I’m not even doing this work for you.  It didn’t make any difference in your parents’ life, so I’m not delusional about it making any difference in yours.

I just thought that by directing my autobiography to my grandkids, I could do it in a way that would be of value and worth to normal people, who form and gain value from normal relationships.

Not that it will ever change the world.  This Earth will not see another 200 years of existence.  One day, the god of this world will command a young boy to use his savant, autistic intelligence to recreate a fusion-based explosion … the same one that created our sun.  I don’t think grandpa needs to explain to you what will happen to our solar system when this happens.

But that won’t happen during your lifetime, so don’t worry about it.

Live life the best you can, according to your own mind.

If you learn anything from your grandpa, learn to live life without worry or fear.  Especially don’t fear death.  There’s no such thing … really.

Learn not to value your Self by what others expect of you, but by what YOU expect of you.  But first, learn who you really are and why you really exist.

To help you learn this, the following chapters will give you the details of my entire life, from my birth on December 2, 1961 to the present day.  You will learn more about your parents and how they came to exist because of me.

1/4 of your brain’s DNA came directly from me.  I promise you that the more you understand about me, the more you will understand about YOU.

So let’s explore my life and find out why THEY chose me to be THEIR last True Messenger … out of the billions of other humans who live upon Earth.