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Chapter 19: Adam-ondi-Ahman

As you can imagine, Grandkids, ol’ Grandpa is seen by the world as very arrogant and pretty much insane, because I claim to be one of only five living mortals who knows the Real Truth™ about human existence, who we are and why we exist. I also claim that my brain was changed so that I could know this Real Truth™ and deliver the only message to the people of this world that will save humanity from complete destruction for the sixth and last time.

Unfortunately for you, as my Grandkids, if any of you attempt to defend ol’ Gramps, you’re going to be mocked and scorned for giving any thought or validity to Grandpa’s claims. Most of your parents and grandmothers think that Grandpa is bonkers. And if any of you have wondered about me during your life and asked one of your parents or grandmothers, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard that I had some serious mental problems.

But, just do me one favor, please? Ask them, “Besides my grandfather being bonkers, what is it that he did that was so wrong?”

Review The Humanity Party® and seek to understand its platform and blueprint for a new human government. Study its plan to eliminate poverty throughout the world. Consider its explanation of how the U.S. Congress can literally stop child prostitution throughout the world in a wee. Ask them, “How can any of this stuff have come from a guy who is crazy? What part of any of this is bad? How could my grandfather, of whom I share one-fourth of his DNA, come up with these things? Do I have some of his crazy genes in me?”

Ask them, “What did my grandfather get out of all of this? When he could have been successful at so many other things in life, why did he choose to do what the world sees as crazy—things that the rest of the world does not value as good or successful?”

Ask them, “If my grandfather wasn’t right about what he says is the Real Truth™—how things really are, how things really were, and how things really will be—then by all means, Dad, Mom, or Grandma, tell me what IS the right thing? Can you give me a competent and logical answer that makes more sense than what Grandpa taught?”

As you ask these questions, take notice of how uncomfortable your parents and grandmothers become. Maybe for the first time in your life, you’ll see your parents and grandmothers become visibly frustrated with you. Their countenances will fall, and you’ll witness a meanness about them. You might not have ever seen them this way had you not asked these questions about your grandpa. Your questions will be met with their anger. People get angry when their personal value is being questioned or threatened.

Your grandmothers spent the best part of their lives demeaning Grandpa and threatening your parents that, if they had anything to do with their father (me), your grandmothers didn’t want anything to do with them. You will come to find out, as the facts and events of my life unfold through this autobiography, that your grandmothers did everything in their power to keep your parents away from me, while they were young.

Your parents would be lying if they said that Grandpa wanted nothing to do with his children as they were growing up. I tried my hardest to be in their lives and was put and kept in jail, on more than one occasion, when I tried. Your grandmothers and step-grandfathers did everything that they could to keep me away from your parents.

Now, I wrote above “as they were growing up.” As adults, your parents could have come to me at any time, if they sincerely wanted to get to know me. They could have seen for themselves if I am crazy or not. They could have asked me any questions about my life … and about my claims.

Two of your aunts, Brittany and Rachael, and one of your uncles, Joshua, were involved in my life for a time, but ONLY after their lives were failing to such a degree that their mothers contacted me to intervene and help them. These three didn’t have a strong relationship with a father figure like your other parents did. Rachael never had a father figure growing up, and Brittany and Joshua’s adopted (legal) father abandoned them when they were teenagers.

I did everything I could to reverse the paths of self-destruction upon which Brittany, Rachael, and Joshua were on, because of their mother’s choices. But, because they didn’t grow up around me, they lacked a natural respect that is often found in a close child-parent relationship. They loved what I could do to help them become successful in the world, but not one time did any of the three ever sit down with me and sincerely explore the claims that I was making about being this world’s savior. Yeah, that’s right. I claim to be the one who can save this world by explaining what humanity must do, so that it doesn’t destroy itself for the sixth time in the history of this earth!

In my heart, I owed it to my children to help them. No, that’s not exactly correct. I knew I didn’t owe them anything. I felt that those who had recruited me to their cause owed my children something, because they lost a normal father with a normal brain. If I hadn’t experienced the metamorphosis of my brain and been asked to join this group and become involved in their Marvelous Work and a Wonder®, things would have been very different for your parents. Well, I highly doubt that any of your parents past Brittany, Joshua, Brandon, Caleb, Sariah, and Ryan would exist. I probably would have remained a member of the LDS/Mormon Church and lived out the rest of my life with Jackie. She was an incredible wife and mother.

As I present the details of my life, you will find out more about what happened and how my involvement in the MWAW not only affected my life, but also the lives of your parents and grandparents. I do not shoulder the blame for being “crazy.” At least, Christopher Marc Nemelka does not shoulder any blame for it. But my True Self is all to blame.

As I proceed with the events in my life, you’ll realize that my mentors had everything to do with helping my children when they needed the help. I got the money from my mentors to help them. Brittany, Joshua, and Rachael got more money and things than most other children. As a worldly father, I did more than what was expected of a father to help these three enter the “great and spacious building” of worldly success and pride. Again, I did this because they didn’t have a good father/child relationship with their step-father.

I helped Brittany, until she was making six figures and got married to a very good man. I assisted Joshua, until he was successfully planted in a worldly position of value that paid him well, and married to a very good woman. At this point, I was counseled by my mentors (those from whom I was receiving the funds and support to help my children) that it was time to fulfill the purpose for my life—to be a True Messenger.

And Rachael …

Rachael had no direction in life. I was allowed to give her many material things to make her life easier. However, she had little of the father/daughter respect that would have developed between us had her mother allowed her to be in my life while she was growing up. Therefore, she never took my advice or listened to my counsel. To give her direction, I made it possible for her to join the LDS/Mormon religion to which her mother and I once belonged. The Mormon “Heavenly Father” would become the father I could not be. Rachael needed this type of father. She wouldn’t listen to me. And the only person who could replace me in her life … was God Himself. That’s right!

You see, grandkids, success and pride in this world are like a “great and spacious building; and it [stands] as it were in the air, high above the earth. And it [is] filled with people, both old and young, both male and female; and their manner of dress [is] exceedingly fine.” The people of the world … you know, normal people … are “in the attitude of mocking and pointing their fingers towards [me] and those who had come at and were partaking of the [MWAW] fruit.” (See BOM, 1 Nephi 8:26–7.)

Let me put it how it really is:

The success and pride of the world is directly responsible for its failure. This “large and spacious building, which thy [grandfather uses as a symbol], is vain imaginations and the pride of the [people of Earth].” (BOM, 1 Nephi 12:18.)

You can read and study every book that has ever been written in this world … every one. Okay, hypothetically, let’s say that you did, and that you know everything written, studied, and known, since the first basic forms of writing were introduced about 10,000 years ago … that is, during this Sixth Dispensation of Human Time. (There were five other time periods when humans lived upon Earth and developed writing and language.)

Writing has only one purpose and one purpose only—for an author to receive value and praise from another person who reads the author’s writings. Otherwise, what would be the incentive for anyone to write a book, if no one else was going to read it?

Check out these pictures of what the people in the “large and spacious building” imagine the Earth’s timeline to be. As you review these pictures, think of the layers of time being the actual layers that you can see with your own eyes when you’re out hiking.

Grandpa has included a few images below to help you visualize the point I’m trying to make:

Now let’s use our brains here, Grandkids. Let’s consider the empirical evidence that we can actually see about the Earth’s timeline—all the different layers of time.

Now let’s consider the vain and foolish imaginations of those who wrote books about the formation of the earth and the evolution or creation of humankind. The theories of evolution (from a Big Bang) and creation (Adam and Eve) are vain and foolish imaginations that don’t make any sense. Some ignorant authors decided to write about the vain and foolish things they were imagining in their head. They wrote about creation, either as illustrated in the Bible or in scientific publications. Because it was “written,” the people in the “large and spacious building” believe it to be plausible and true. Yeah. Really!

Ironically, a few ancient religious leaders, quoted by many of the world’s most respected scholars, opined (gave their opinion) that you should never believe anything that you read or hear and only half of what you see with your own eyes.

Grandpa is partial to how the Great Buddha supposedly put it:

“Now, Kalamas, don’t go by reports, by legends, by traditions, by scripture, by logical conjecture, by inference, by analogies, by agreement through pondering views, by probability, or by the thought, ‘This contemplative is our teacher.’ When you know for yourselves that, ‘These qualities are skillful; these qualities are blameless; these qualities are praised by the wise; these qualities, when adopted and carried out, lead to welfare and to happiness’ — then you should enter & remain in them.”

Basically, this ancient teaching is telling a person to only believe those things that “lead to welfare and happiness.”

So, Grandkids, consider the logic of this reasoning:

Humankind came from a couple of naked white people who got cast out of a special garden. They began to have children, and their children married each other and created the entire human race. Does this seem logical or more like vain and foolish imagination?

And what empirical evidence is there, of any kind that you can see, hear, smell, taste, or touch, that proves plants and animals actually evolved from a lower life form? We know, by our own experience, that humans are directly responsible for all known hybrids of flora and fauna. We see them developed continually before our eyes.

Yeah, I might be crazy, but think of this:

It only took 10,000 years of earth-time for people to evolve into modern humans. The earth is billions of years old. 10,000 years out of billions of years is just a drop in a toilet bowl full of water. Couldn’t it be possible that life forms have evolved many times into modern-type humans? Couldn’t they have destroyed themselves (like we’re posed to do) because they couldn’t get along?

The Real Truth is …

See all those layers in the pictures above? In most of those layers, there is all kinds of evidence of ancient human civilizations that developed, prospered, and were destroyed. Also destroyed were all of the writings, records, computers, digital recordings, genomics, nanotechnology, robotics, and bioengineering (way beyond anything that our modern world has yet seen) that these ancient civilizations once had. Like anything else that earthlings do with the materials found upon Earth, everything that was made up from dust (materials from Earth), without the proper human maintenance and care, will turn back into dust … or dirt.

There are millions of books on Earth today. In ancient civilizations, there were a lot more books written, advanced technologies produced, and information about how to use Earth’s resources. Dust now comprises the layers of the mountains and valleys your eyes can see while you’re hiking.

But regardless of how much these ancient civilizations knew and how advanced their technologies were, none of them survived. All of their knowledge, pride, and successes could not save them. Why? Because, as the Ol’ Buddha supposedly said, none of it led to the welfare and happiness of the human race.

There’s nothing that any scientist, religionist, philosophist, spiritualist, conspiratorialist, or any other kind of “ist” knows, or has written in a book, that will save this human race from what has happened to it five different times in the past during Earth’s billions of years of existence … not ONE thing!

Only the Real Truth™ can save humanity from its eventual demise. We need to first understand who we are and why we exist, before we can start using our knowledge and the earth’s resources for our mutual “welfare and happiness.”

Yeah … I know … Grandpa’s crazy, huh? … But Grandpa is one of only five people upon Earth who can logically explain, clearly (fulfilling the Five Ws and H-Factor in his answers), how this earth, the moon, the sun, each of the planets, and the whole universe were created exist … and most importantly, why they exist.


The date of this writing is March 13, 2019. (I wanted to wait a couple more days to reveal the following information, in celebration of my first meeting with all of my mentors on a boat in San Diego Bay 14 years ago … but it’s time.)

Here’s what your crazy Grandpa knows is going to happen:

In the near future, before 100 more years pass, science in this final dispensation will finally figure out how to cause the appropriate chemical reaction in space to create a new planet. Yep, they will be able to create an entirely different planet than the nine known that rotate around our sun. The idea of an atomic explosion of a couple of small pieces of materials found on Earth was theoretical at first. It then became a reality, when an actual experiment took place to prove the theory. Likewise, soon scientists will finally understand how to cause a chemical reaction in space that will result in the formation of both a gaseous and a solid brand new planet.

This will happens. Humans—not evolution, not God, not some random act of nature,but humans—will create a new planet in space that revolves around the sun. When this happens, your parents and grandmothers aren’t going to be seen by your own future posterity as being very smart for calling Grandpa crazy!

The people living upon Earth at that time are going to have empirical evidence that in just a few hundred years, humans learned how to create new planets. Future science will be close to discovering how to create a new sun in space, but will not be able to. Science will always be missing a crucial piece of information needed to create a sun in space, which only Grandpa and four others living upon Earth know.

And if, after having empirical evidence that humans can create planets, these same humans do not learn what is beneficial to the welfare and happiness of everyone equally … your Ol’ Crazy Grandpa will reenter the game of mortal life and bring with him the piece of information needed in order to create a new sun. This will not take place way off in space, where a new sun can be created without destroying everything within millions of miles, but right smack dab near the very geographic center of the United States of America.

Joseph Smith symbolically called the place where the new sun (think about it … new son) will be created—the place where humanity will meet its maker—Adam-ondi-Ahman. The word is composed of a couple of words from one of the languages that existed in a previous dispensation of human time. Our mentors know quite a few of these old languages. They have long since disappeared, along with any record of them. All that is left is what was coded and kept in a couple of rocks that have protected the technology to decipher these languages of long ago. (But we won’t talk about this technology because it’s just crazy!)

Adding a couple of ancient terms to the modern word, “Adam”, Joseph Smith made up a new word that, if translated correctly, literally means: The children of Adam are in trouble! Yeah. Really!

Is there any wonder why the world thinks that both Joseph Smith and Grandpa are crazy?

Well, we will see, now won’t we Grandchildren …

We will see.