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(continued) Chapter 31 on polygamy

Yep, Mercy Fielding Smith, like Marcee Kay Jaynes, wasn’t Kimball‘s and Batchelor’s type! … YE LICENTIOUS FIENS!

(Licentious: promiscuous and uncensored in sexual matters.

There is a lot of “documentation” out there that supposedly proves that Joseph Smith was a licentious Fein himself—that he was a polygamist who preyed on young women … and a whole lot of other nonsense.

There is a lot of “documentation” out there that appears to prove that your Ol’ Grandpa was a licentious Fein too. And just like the “documentation” supposedly proves this about Joseph Smith was, the “documentation” that you might find published about Grandpa is a bunch of nonsense.

Always keep in mind what “documentation” is. The proper definition is “material that provides official information or evidence and serves as a record.” But where did the material come from? Who wrote the material? Would the material stand up in a court of law after cross-examination of the witness or person who provided the information?

I would love nothing more than to put Jackie Stoll Howard, Marcee Kay Jaynes Quirk, and Vicky Prunty Batchelor on the witness stand and cross-examine them, compelling them to tell the Real Truth™ about what happened between us.

Grandpa can report that, over the years, Jackie and Marcee haven’t said much about what happened, and neither of them like to talk about it openly. Both of them refused most interviews requested by the press or researchers into Grandpa’s claims.

But Vicky is an entirely different story.

Vicky has lied, deceived, embellished, and made up things that support what eventually got her national and world recognition. Vicky received an award from the National Organization of Women (NOW) acknowledging her personal strength in … are you ready for this? … another drum roll … ESCAPING POLYGAMY AND TWO ABUSIVE POLYGAMIST HUSBANDS … Yeah. Really!

Just wait until I get to the “very brief” part of my life when I met and was associated with a woman named, Christine Marie Katas. My Goodness! This woman invented such a salacious and malicious string of lies about her involvement with me to give her value and purpose in life and make herself seem strong and intelligent in her escape from … are you fucking ready for this one!? … yet another drum roll … ESCAPING SEX TRAFFICKING AND A PREDATORY … yep, licentious Fien … me!

Yeah. Really!

In a court of law, where Vicky and Christine could be cross-examined and impeached, where other witnesses could testify—others who were involved with me and these two women—Vicky’s and Christine’s credibility and false stories would fall apart faster than the condoms that Joseph Smith was supposedly wearing when he had sex with all of the women that the “documentation” states he did.

Oh, wait! Condoms didn’t make their appearance until after Joseph Smith was dead.

So, how in the world did he keep from getting all those supposed “Vickies and Christines” pregnant?

How is it possible that, through modern genealogy and DNA testing, there does not exist another person on this earth who is a descendent of Joseph Smith, except those descendants who came through Emma?

How is possible that, after his murder, none of his close friends, nor his wife, would ever support the notion and “documentation” that Joseph believed polygamy was a mandate of God? His wife, sons, brother, and close friends would reorganize the LDS/Mormon Church, and no part of this reorganization included plural marriage or receiving the temple endowment as saving principles or ordinances. Ponder on that!

People lie and make up stuff to boost their own self-esteem and increase their value. Get this … another drum role … Christine Marie taught her daughter that, not only was she (Christine) involved in sex trafficking, but the sexual predator (me) also wanted to have her young daughter trafficked. Her daughter became an entertainer and gained substance and value in her “entertaining” by telling people that she and her mother were involved in sex trafficking. Her stage name is Lola Blanc. Look this up on Bunkopedia … oops … I mean Wikipedia. Here’s what it says:

“When Blanc was a pre-teen, her mother was targeted by a religious impostor posing as a true LDS prophet who played on her beliefs and lured her into his web. Blanc found their letters and believed in him too; she was temporarily separated from her mother, who was coerced into human trafficking until an accomplice who had a change of heart saved her. They were promptly reunited.”

WHAT?! Right! Grandpa is this “religious impostor posing as a true LDS prophet.” Grandpa is the one who “coerced [Blanc and her mother] into human trafficking.” And I’d like to know who was the “accomplice who had a change of heart [that] saved her.” There is only one person who this “accomplice” could have been—my ex-wife Sherilyn Richardson Johanson Nemelka, with whom I have been very good friends throughout my life.

Let’s do this! Let’s put Sherilyn on the witness stand to tell what really happened …

Well, I’ll get to more of the Real Truth™ in the next chapter when I give all the details of my involvement with these women and polygamy.


What’s important here is to understand how and why people lie and make up stories to give their lives substance and value. Anyone can make up documentation and give testimony of any kind. There are a lot of people who start a lie and then live it so long that it actually becomes a reality to them. So, when people produce testimony and documentation, their lie becomes their truth. (This is exactly why I was so against my mentors perpetuating more lies in an effort to counter religious lies.)

The modern LDS/Mormon Church has its way of presenting documentation that proves what it wants the world to believe about Joseph Smith and polygamy. The Mormon Fundamentalists have their own documentation. Joseph’s critics and enemies have their own documentation. So, who’s telling the Real Truth™?

It’s possible to ascertain who is telling the Real Truth™ by asking this simple question:

What does the person gain from presenting their documentation to prove their side of the story?


What does Grandpa have to gain from telling the Real Truth™?

I have few to no worldly relationships. I have no associations with any of my children, or you grandchildren, or any other family members. I hardly see the few “friends” that I actually trust. None of the people around whom I live and associate on a daily basis know me as a True Messenger. They only know me as “Cristobol.”

The world hates me. A lot of people want to kill me. I gain no money from the information given in our Message. I make no profit … not a penny … from the sale of any of the books. I have no real job. Presently, I am living off of the cash that I earned as CEO of a company—cash that I withdrew from my bank account before I went into considerable debt to the same bank and my credit card companies, by withdrawing all the cash I could in order to live without a job. I am profane in my writings, which makes most people not want to read what I write …

I have nothing to gain from telling an embellishment or a lie because I couldn’t care less what this world or anyone in it thinks about me.

I am going to tell you the Real Truth™.

Before I tell you the actual, real facts behind my involvement in polygamy and how it all ended, I implore you to consider the Real Truth™ about what happened in Joseph Smith’s day regarding his involvement with the issue of polygamy.

Here is a link to this information that can also be found in Appendix 2, MORMON POLYGAMY—THE TRUTH REVEALED of the book, Without Disclosing My True Identity—The Authorized and Official Biography of the Mormon Prophet, Joseph Smith, Jr..

While you’re at it, you might as well research the information provided in Appendix 1, THE LDS PRIESTHOOD UNVEILED.

As you continue to read Grandpa’s autobiography, ask yourself, “What does Grandpa have to gain from telling his story? Why would he lie? Why would he make up things that are not true?”

As you ask yourself these questions, keep in mind how much the people of this world hate me. Keep in mind that the world has not accepted and has rejected the Message and purpose of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® and The Humanity Party®. Hardly anyone listens to Grandpa.

Grandpa isn’t even in Wikipedia!

Yeah, a woman with a fictitious name, Lola Blanc, and a fictitious past, made it into Bunkopedia, but a perfect plan to eliminate worldwide poverty does not!

And ironically,

The only mention of Grandpa in Bunkopedia, which is implied and does not actual spell out my name … because if it did I’d sue Wikipedia and Lola Blanc and her deceptive mother … is that Grandpa was involved in human (sex) trafficking, when Grandpa has introduced a fail-proof, perfectly viable plan that can …


Yeah. Really!

But anyways …

On with the Real Truth … (Chapter 32)