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Chapter 34: Grandpa and the Illuminati

Grandma Vicky and Grandma Marcee didn’t move on with their lives in the Fall of 1993. Why they contacted me again after already telling me that they wanted nothing to do with me—and in Marcee’s case, that I have nothing to do with our newborn son, Riley—is a question that only they can answer.

Why they still wanted something to do with me after I had told them that I only wanted to be with Jackie, and that I had deceived them into thinking that I believed in polygamy, is another question you’ll have to ask them.

The only thing I can answer myself is why in the world I wanted anything more to do with them.

I answered that in the last chapter. My conscience wouldn’t allow me to see them suffering when I could do something about it.

I thought I was already resolved and convinced to not become involved again in any deceptive act, whether it helped people or not. I had refused to join those who tried to recruit me in 1991, because I didn’t agree that creating another lie to counter a lie was the proper way to get people to open their minds and think for themselves.

Jackie was a great woman. I loved being a father to Brandon, Caleb, and Sariah; and Jackie was pregnant and expecting by December of 1993.

I met with Vicky and Marcee (I believe in September of 1993). Until Vicky called me, I had no idea she was also pregnant and expecting our child about the same time that Jackie was. This was thee purpose for Vicky calling me in the first place. When I discovered this, and while meeting them in the park, it added to my guilty conscience.

Marcee had Riley a few months before the meeting, in July of 1993, and now Vicky was going to have my child—at least that is what she claimed—a few months later.

When I agreed to help them, I had no intention of continuing a sexual relationship with either. I had resolved to be honest with Jackie. I explained to Jackie that I only wanted to help Vicky and Marcee the best I could.

Little did I realize, at the time I made to promise to Jackie, that I could never be true to my intentions.

Let me put it as straightforward as I possibly can:

I had to “prostitute” myself to Marcee and Vicky in order to see my kids. In order to prostitute myself to them, I had to lie to Jackie.

I didn’t want to lose Jackie. She was the only woman I felt that I really loved during this time.

Now, Grandkids, the above is a huge admission that doesn’t seem to be something of good for your grandmas’ integrity. But it is the real truth … according to my perception of the events that transpired after our meeting in the park in the Fall of 1993.

It very well could be that your grandmas will say that it is a lie. And to them, according to their perception, it very well could be. Perhaps your grandmas might claim that I started up a sexual relationship with Marcee and Vicky, and lied to Jackie about it, because I wanted sex from more than just one woman. Okay. That seems reasonable.

Or does it?

I didn’t seek them out and wonder how they were doing or what they were doing so that I could have sex with them again. They sought me out. I wasn’t upset about losing them out of my life. They were.

In the next couple of chapters, I will give details about the drama I experienced with Vicky and Marcee, as I tried to help them throughout the years without having sex with them as a required quid pro quo in order to see your parents (my kids). You’ll have to be the judge, as you read about the events, to determine if Grandpa is telling the truth, or if your grandmas are telling the truth.

But maybe, just maybe, we’re all right, and we’re all telling the truth.

It would be many years later, after I finally agreed to join the guys who tried to recruit me to their cause … which included a lot of lies in order to counter lies … that I came up with a couple of sentences that express the human condition of lies and truths; or rather, what is a lie to one, might be a truth to another:

Everyone is right. Which makes everyone wrong.®

Let me breakdown its meaning a bit further:

Everyone lies. Because no one wants to be wrong.

Grandkids, if you really think about it, and you’re completely honest, you would recognize that history … all of history … is a lie to some and truth to others … depending on what side of history your ancestors stood. For example:

If your ancestors were native Americans, then the historical perception that Christopher Columbus was inspired by God to discover America for the sake of European Christians, is a lie, a huge lie! There is nothing about history that can be proven to be completely true.

So, let Grandpa tell you a few details about history that are huge lies. How do I know that the lies I am going to list below were lies? Because the group of people who tried to recruit me, actually made them up and spread these gigantic lies.

Because they could give me exact details about when and how they made up and spread these lies, I was well convinced that they had to be telling the Real Truth™ about their involvement in creating these lies.

Are you ready for some of these historical lies, Grandkids? The world’s not ready. I doubt it ever will be. I’m going to list a few of them. However, you’ll find that there are a lot of people in the world, possibly including your parents and other grandparents, who do not think these are lies. They actually believe that the following lies are true!

So, let’s list a few of the most significant men in history—men whose lives history reports as being true, when historical reports are actually lies:

The historical, Bible-based Jesus was a lie. (That’s a huge one, and probably the most significant.) The way that history presents the lives of Socrates, Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed, and many other so-called “spiritual” leaders, were big lies!

Although there were actual men who lived upon Earth, and upon whose lives these characters were based, what history reports about them, were giant lies! Even the existence of William Shakespeare is a lie!

If I wanted to take the time, I could explain details that the world doesn’t know about these mythological historical figures. I could prove that none of these people actually existed as history reports that they existed.

How can I prove it?

First, because as I wrote above, the same group of people that wanted to recruit me to their cause, was also responsible for the creation of how history presented these characters.

Now it’s probably a good time to give this group of people a name that fits it properly. This group of people is the Real Illuminati®.

You’ll read all kinds of fantastical tales about the Illuminati, if you search for information about them. Most of which … well, all of which, are ridiculous lies.

I call them the “Real” Illuminati® to distinguish them from all the nonsense that has been written about the Illuminati. The name also separates them from modern people who take advantage of the name (Illuminati) to put themselves above others for knowing things that no one else knows. These modern people who believe they belong to the Illuminati are idiots who don’t know anything and aren’t doing anything except stuff that doesn’t do anything good for this world.

The Real Illuminati® exists to … well, I’ll let your Google search find an explanation about what they do that fits:

“The society’s goals are to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life, and abuses of state power. [The society’s overall intent] is to put an end to the machinations of the purveyors of injustice, to control them without dominating them.”

Here’s some Real Truth™ about some of the things that the Real Illuminati® did throughout history:

They influenced the thinking of actual people, who really existed in history, such as Copernicus, Galileo, Machiavelli, da Vinci, Michelangelo, and a few others who were responsible for opening up minds and causing people to think differently than the way that most people were thinking at that time.

Yep, behind the scenes, the Real Illuminati® were responsible for the Great Renaissance period in human history. “Renaissance” is another form of the word that was used by religionists for “baptism.” It literally means, “rebirth.” It was a time when people started questioning things. It was a time when people started opening up their minds to possibilities outside of the “Dark Ages.”

For hundreds of years, most people on Earth were being controlled by religion and powerful governments that told them how to think and what to think. For most Europeans at that time, the Church was the authority on everything from science to sex. If you didn’t think the way the Church told you to think, you were branded “evil.” Most of the time, people who thought differently from the Church were hunted and killed in the name of the Church … or in the name of God … whatever.

The Church destroyed anything and everything that could have influenced a person to believe that there was truth outside of the Church. During the Dark Ages, you could be killed for reading or considering any doctrine or document that wasn’t Church-approved. While the Church preserved the historical records that it wanted—in order to preserve itself—there was no one brave enough, or dumb enough, to keep records outside of the Church, hidden from the Church’s knowledge.

Enter the secret society known as the Real Illuminati®.

That’s about all I want to say about the Real Illuminati®, at this point in my autobiography, in regards to what they did in secret, behind the scenes, influencing the right people at the right time, to initiate the earth’s “Baptism” with knowledge … which the Real Illuminati® would later call “fire from heaven.” But let me be as brief as I can about what the Real Illuminati® did more recently, which also includes what they asked Grandpa to do for them.

Is the Book of Mormon true?

Can it be proven to be a reliable historical document of Real Truth™?

There are millions of Mormons who would say, “Yes.” But billions of others who would say, “No.”

So, if your grandmas and parents tell you something about Grandpa’s history and past, are they a reliable source of Real Truth™?

I’m sure you can find a lot of people who would say, “Yes,” but many others who would say, “No.”

Grandkids, you are solely responsible for whatever lies you want to accept as truth, whether their Grandpa’s lies or not. You must decide.

But anyways … Back to the Real Illuminati® for a moment.

They invented the Book of Mormon and every character presented therein. The book …at the time of this writing … is not quite 200 years old. Yet, there are millions and millions of people who accept it as a TRUE historical record.

In 2012, the world almost witnessed the first Mormon becoming President of the United States—one of the most powerful roles on Earth. If Mitt Romney had become President, and he almost did, the world would have been influenced by a guy who believes in a lie … a huge lie! To U.S. Senator Mitt Romney, and millions of other Mormons, the Book of Mormon characters were all actual, historical figures.

If the Real Illuminati® could write something today (when people are much smarter and more well-educated than at any other time in Earth’s history) that can convince millions to believe in invented characters, who didn’t actually exist, except in the Real nIlluminati’s stories … then that is pretty damn good evidence that they were able to do it when they helped develop the characters that they made up a long time ago—Jesus, Socrates, Confucius, Buddha, etc.

The Book of Mormon is empirical evidence that the Real Illuminati® know what they’re doing. They know what lies to create that people will believe and accept as truth. They are experts on how to create these lies.

You see, Grandkids, it’s not easy to convince people of the Real Truth™; but it’s VERY EASY to convince them that a lie is truth. Why? Because if you believe that a lie is truth, then you are capable of believing, by default of the fact of how your mind works, that another lie is truth.

The Real Illuminati® know how your mind works. They know the reason why everyone lies. Everyone lies to bring value and purpose to their own existence. Even the small lies, such as, “You’re don’t look unattractive in short hair,” when it’s not true, and the person says it just to be nice, it’s still a lie.

When a person needs to hear a lie in order to feel good about their Self because the truth would make them feel miserable, then the person is susceptible to accepting any lie as the truth that makes them feel good as the truth.

So, for a moment, let’s go forward in time to the early part of 2002.

By this time, all of your grandmas pretty much hated my guts. None of them would let me see any of your parents.

I had just gotten out of jail, after almost a year, for doing nothing more than trying to see my kids … without prostituting myself to their mothers. (We’ll get to these true details later.) At this time, I was married to Sherilyn Richardson Johannson Nemelka. (I call her Sheri I, because after her, I married another Sheri, whom I call Sheri II.)

Sheri’s Mormon family was VERY concerned about her being with me. Her uncle, a prominent Mormon, Earl Richardson, was so concerned, that he organized an intervention in order to convince Sheri I to have nothing to do with me. The intervention took place in Earl Richardson’s house in about March of 2002. Sheri’s uncle invited your grandmas to attend, along with another woman, who claimed that I had abused her, Christine Marie (more about this woman later). Vicky was the only one who didn’t show up because she was living in California at the time.

Sheri I attended the intervention with her father, Dan Richardson. There she was, confronted with some of the women in my past whom I had allegedly abused. She was in front of two of your grandmothers, ready to hear their tales of woe, to be convinced that she should leave me and have nothing to do with me.

Sheri’s father intervened a bit and asked the women to basically get to the point and tell Sheri why she shouldn’t be with me. Your grandmas’ answer was distressing and telling:

“He’s a liar. He will break your heart like he did ours.”

Sheri I had only one short response to their accusations:

“I’ll take my chances with him.”

Sheri I left the intervention pretty much disgusted (as she would later tell me) with the women who were supposed to convince her to leave me.

You know what, Grandkids, your grandmothers finally told the Real Truth™ about their relationship with me. I can’t count the times that I lied to your grandmothers and broke their hearts.

They spoke the real truth during this intervention, unlike the nonsense that they told judges, lawyers, police, and many others in order to keep me away from your parents. If your grandmothers had stuck to the Real Truth™ that they told Sheri I during the intervention, I wouldn’t have served a year in jail. It would have been very easy for me to get an attorney and sue for visitation of my kids.

There is no law that says a man can’t lie to women and break their hearts, and in so doing not be able to see his kids. I lied so that I wouldn’t break their hearts. When their hearts weren’t broken, I could see my kids. I lied so that I could see my kids.

I could have kept the lies going. I could have continued to cater to the emotional needs of your grandmothers so that they would be satisfied enough in order to allow me to see my kids. It was when I started telling them the Real Truth™ that I broke their hearts.

You see, Grandkids, I was learning a very important lesson about life:

People would much rather be lied to and feel good about themselves, than be told the Real Truth™ that destroys their value and self-worth.

The Real Illuminati® knew this better than I did. They had lying down to a science.

From that time in 1991, when I had refused to get involved with them and their lies, they followed me and watched everything about what was going on in my life … in secret. They watched me learn how lies are much more effective in maintaining peace in a relationship than telling the Real Truth™. They watched me learn how lies were much more effective than Real Truth™ in getting people to think in a different direction than where their lies were leading them.

They watched me lie to others. And they also watched me tell the Real Truth™. They were overjoyed to see how much persecution and hate came from telling the truth. They were just as overjoyed when they saw how well my life played out … when I lied.

They observed me from a far. I never knew they were watching me and following me the entire time. I thought our brief interaction in the Spring of 1991, was their only contact and concern with me. I thought they would try to recruit someone else who agreed with them.

I was wrong.

They needed a True Messenger. They needed a proven True Messenger. They needed a True Messenger whom they could trust, not only with their message, but with its delivery.

They had also watched the lives of Copernicus, Galileo, Machiavelli, and Michelangelo, (to name just a few), and the lives of many others throughout history whom they secretly monitored, and then eventually influenced to do things their way.

In the early 19th Century, in the United States of America, they carefully watched and monitored the life of an American teenager. They watched him grow. They watched how his life played out after his transfiguration … the same transfiguration that Grandpa experienced in June of 1987.

They watched in secret. They followed in secret. They never wanted to reveal themselves to this teenager or to me so that we would use our free will and our consciences to make choices that were unaffected by their presence or subtle manipulation.

They watched us as we used our free will to manipulate and lie to others in our lives. They wanted to see how we lied and manipulated, but more importantly, why. How both Joseph Smith and I used lies and manipulation to get people to think was more important to the Real Illuminati® watching us, than the lies that we created.

Every revelation that Joseph Smith allegedly received from God, was a lie. Every “revelation” that I gave to Marcee and Vicky about my feelings towards them, was a lie. And when a woman finds out that the man she is in love with lied to her … Well, you know the saying, “Hell hath no fury like the wrath of a woman!”

The Real Illuminati® knew why I was lying to these women. And it hardly benefited me personally, but made my life a living hell.

Had I refused to meet with Vicky and Marcee in the park, had I refused to go after Marcee after her mother pleaded with me, had I refused to accept Vicky and her children into my “family” when she pleaded with me …

I would not be the man the Real Illuminati® was looking for.

They needed a Messenger who could lie and manipulate, not so that it benefited himself, but for the sake of others, regardless what it did to his personal life.

The Real Illuminati® was overjoyed that grandpa was in jail. They were overjoyed that your grandmothers would not let me see my children. They were overjoyed with all the drama and bad experiences in my life.

They secretly watched. They secretly monitored how I would respond to all the negative things in my life.

If I was to be their True Messenger, then my lies, manipulations, and deceptions, could NEVER be for my own sake.

They watched me lie, manipulate, and deceive, ALWAYS for the sake and benefit of others.

The drama that I will now explain … that I caused as I dealt in the personal lives of your grandmothers, and in other women’s lives …

Proved to the Real Illuminati® that they could trust me and allow me to be their True Messenger—a public, transparent real person in history who isn’t afraid to tell the Real Truth™, no matter what happens to him personally.

Yes, I lied to your grandmothers and broke their hearts, just like I have to most of the women in my past.

But what is cool about writing this autobiography is this:

I never have to lie again.

What you’re about to read, whether your grandmothers agree or not …

Is the Real Truth™.