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Chapter 37 The Beginning of the End “The Fullness of the Wrath of Go

Well, Grandkids …


I highly doubt that any of you will have met me during your lifetime upon this earth. Not that it’s impossible, or not desired by me as your grandfather, but because your parents and grandmothers have been afraid to allow you the opportunity. I’m confident you have heard their stories, their biases, and their accusations—the “truths” that they needed to invent in their heads in order to justify keeping you from knowing me. 

Nevertheless, if there is one of you who reads this autobiography and has the desire to meet me and personally ask me yourself about my history … which no one knows … I am quite certain the opportunity would benefit both of us. Don’t be afraid … unless you fear learning that ALL you have heard about me just might be incorrect. But anyways …

Presently, I have reduced my life to living alone, as far as I can reveal to you (in order to protect innocent others). By living alone, I find it easy to live the way that I want, without disrupting the pursuit of happiness of anyone else. 

During your life, you will find that the greatest unhappiness you will ever experience will be what you feel when you lose a close relationship with another. Whether through death, divorce, or disagreement, ending a close relationship will be the hardest emotional task you will be required to complete in this “lone and dreary world.”

Consequently, it would seem that not having a close relationship with me as your grandfather might have been to your emotional advantage. However, to your intellectual advantage, I would venture to proclaim, in humility, that you have missed out on great opportunities. You have not gotten to know me as your grandfather. And further, you have missed out on the chance to ask me any question about human reality, and have that question answered so completely that you won’t need to ask any follow-up questions.

I was chosen by those who recruited me to the work that I have done (which has become my legacy) because of the kind of person I am. As my predecessor (the person who had the job before me) said of his own life, so shall I proclaim: 


No man knows my history. I cannot tell it: I shall never undertake it. I don’t blame any one [sic] for not believing my history. If I had not experienced what I have, I would not have believed it myself. (Joseph Smith Jr.)


If you haven’t read the books I have written for this group that recruited me—whose work is known as a Marvelous Work and a Wonder® (“MWAW”)—it would be useless for you to make an attempt to understand my life and why I have done what I have done.

As arrogant as it might appear, I am the ONLY person upon this earth who has access to the Real Truth® about human reality—who we are and why we exist. It would behoove you (be appropriate), if you have any interest in the man who passed on some of his DNA to you (that would be me), to read all the books. Or, if reading is not your forte (something that you are good at), then meet with me and ask me yourself.

Whether you make this effort or not, nothing is going to change what I will reveal in the final book of the MWAW, titled The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality—A Sharp Two-edged Sword: A Final Warning to the Human Race. If you want to understand what I, alone, know about human reality, just take the time to read this final book. 

I know the direction in which the world is headed—down a slippery slope to the demise (death) of humanity—for the very last time in this particular solar system. Therefore, I thought it might be a gift to you to write a brief summary of all that I have been asked to do by this special group of highly intelligent humans. It was all done in an attempt to save humanity from this impending, and unalterable, demise.

I have been writing a book called One People, One World, One Government—Humanity’s Only Hope. I thought it reasonable for my own comfort, to give my brain a break and to address you, my grandchildren. More than likely, you will not share the pleasure with me of our mutual meeting and acquaintance. 

Grandkids, once I have completed the final book mentioned above, I do not know how long I will continue to live upon this earth. If I could somehow convince you of the reality of an eternal life after this one, in which both you and I exist as equals, I would be able to explain how I know what I know. I would be able to describe the true power that gives me intelligence and wisdom, far beyond that of any other human being you have had the experience to meet, read about, or study in the writing they left during their lifetime. I can assure you that no one, but me, was assigned and allowed to explain the Real Truth® about our mutual human existence—who we are and why we exist.

This true power is what makes you, you—and me, me. It is what makes the universe what it is, what it has always been, and what it will always be. In order to comprehend why I know what I know, you must first learn about this power. If you were able to understand it, you would be able to accept that I (your grandfather), out of all the people who have ever lived on this earth, was assigned to this earth to do the work that I have done. The final book that I will write (the one mentioned above) is the last book that is directly connected to the Real Illuminati®—a group of highly intelligent people who share the same power that I have. This book will explain this power … the best I can explain it. 

This true power transcends (surpasses) anything you have ever learned. Whether your knowledge comes from religion, science, or any other philosophical genre (deep-thinking sources) that has filled your mind with things to think about, understanding this true power can help you to understand YOU better than anything else you have encountered. It is by this true power that I can communicate with the very world that you will “wake up” in when your earthly mortal brain stops functioning (i.e., when you die). 

In this world, you will recognize me as the person who was your grandfather while I was mortal. You’ll realize that, for some reason or another, personal only to you, you chose to take the body that one of my children created. (Your parent had chosen a body that your grandmother and I created.) You made this choice by this true power

When you die, you will understand this true power. You will understand who you REALLY are, and who you were long before your grandmother and I passed on some of our corrupted DNA in order to form your body. (Yeah, “corrupted”—you’ll understand this when you read that final book.)

I am not sure how many more of my past experiences I am going to share in this autobiography. Nothing about any of these experiences weighs on my mind, or has a direct (emotional or motivating) impact on who I became. At this time (the 63rd year of my existence upon Earth), I have finally arrived to the point where the totality of my earthly experiences were meant to take me. Like you, I made the choice to have a human experience upon this earth. Finally, I am who I chose to become.

I just remembered a very important experience from Chapter 6 of this autobiography that might shed some light on who I have become. When I was 12 years old, I received the Holy Aaronic Priesthood (according to the belief of the LDS/Mormon religion that was pertinent to my childhood experience … up until the 26th year of my life). Shortly thereafter, I had the following experience:

We lived in Ucon, Idaho at this time, on an 88-acre farm that my father had purchased from my step-mother’s family. My father taught us boys how to irrigate the vast fields. These fields seemed never-ending to a young boy consistent with my naive experience. My job was to walk across the fields, each divided by dikes that allowed a flow of water to flood each section. I was to walk, crisscrossing the field, wearing irrigation boots and gloves, and carrying a shovel. I was supposed to make sure that the water was reaching all areas of the field. When my boots walked on any dry part, my job was to dig a ditch or dike that directed the flood of water to this higher part. It was quite a task for me, because I lacked experience, and was afraid I wouldn’t complete the task, as my father had commanded.

One evening, after I had completed the task, I stood at the head of the field where the water flowed from the ditch that was specially dug to irrigate our farm’s fields. During the long time it took to complete the task, I had been thinking heavily on what I had been taught about Jesus Christ and the great sacrifice that he had made for me and my sins, as well as the sins of everyone else in this world.

I suppose it was a Sunday that evening. There was never a Sunday that my father didn’t take us to church. I cannot recall what I learned that day in Sunday school. But the experience I had seemed appropriate after a lesson about what the Savior experienced in the Garden of Gethsemane, where he suffered so much that blood poured out through his pores.

This evening, I felt a deep and emotional sorrow for Jesus. I couldn’t believe that it was possible for just one man to take upon himself all of the sins of humanity, mine being a part of those sins. My natural and innate compassion for everyone (a trait that followed me throughout my life) caused my young mind to feel guilty that anything I had done during my life would add to Christ’s suffering. In deep thought, with tears that swelled in my eyes, I bowed my head and prayed to Heavenly Father that He would allow me to give 30 seconds of relief to my Savior for all that he had done for me. I was ready and willing, as I asked this special request from God, to take upon myself all of the pain that Jesus was feeling because of the sins of the world.

I bowed my head, clenched my teeth, closed my eyes and announced, “I’m ready Heavenly Father! Let me have it!” 

Nothing happened. I didn’t feel anything. I didn’t feel any sense of righteousness or anything else that countered the teachings that only Christ could make this sacrifice himself. I can’t say that I was disappointed for asking. Nor was my ego aggrandized (inflated) for what most would suppose was a very selfless request. As a result of nothing happening, I remember thinking that I wasn’t worthy to take upon me such an important task that only Jesus Christ could do.

I did not understand the very idea of Christ and the Real Truth® I would eventually learn about his existence and mission. Little did I know that I would, indeed, suffer many times the same way that the Christian god suffered … “for the sins of the world.” (See the Book of Mormon, 3 Nephi 28:38 to understand what this means in relation to the people who recruited me to accomplish their “great and marvelous works” [ibid verse 31].) 

Now, if you were raised as a Christian and heard the same stories about Jesus, you might accuse me of blasphemy for thinking that my life could be compared to his. Well, whether you believe it or not, my life was designed to follow the same course as the Jesus of the Bible. 

I was recruited by the Real Illuminati® for the second time in November 2003, to help them with their work. Under their strict direction, I was asked to play the role that reflected what Christians thought of their Savior. I was asked to grow my hair long in order to maintain an appearance that reflected the Christian concept of their Jesus Christ. Not only have I taught the exact same principles that Jesus did, but I have also experienced the exact same results when I taught these things: rejection, persecution, and the accusation of blasphemy. 

Nevertheless, I was this group’s choice. And, having rejected their offer before, this second time I was ready to support them—not as I wanted to help them, but as they wanted me to help them. They wanted me to fulfill the prophecies they wrote about themselves and included in their new American scripture called the Book of Mormon. (See BOM, 3 Nephi, chapter 28.)

At the time of this writing, this group has disbanded and no longer exists upon this earth. Before leaving, they contacted the wicked church that had transfigured and misused their Book of Mormon to become the wealthiest religious organization upon Earth … bar none! The Real Illuminati® asked to meet with the leaders of this church. (Here is a link to a copy of the certified letter that was sent by this group to the LDS/Mormon church in March of 2022.) Needless to say, the Church leaders would not meet with them.

When the Real Illuminati® made their offer, it surprised even me! “Wow!” I thought. “What an opportunity for the world to have some actual empirical evidence of the existence of these people.”

 My critics and enemies try their best to convince the world that these people only existed in my mind, and that I invented their existence to help promote my own work. Oh, if only that were true! And if it were true, just think how much evidence it would provide of your grandfather’s incredible intelligence!

I cannot, and will not, take credit for what I could not accomplish on my own. If you research the work of the Real Illuminati® (the MWAW), you will find that most people agree with my critics. They think I made it all up. At this point, I have no reservations nor argument with this negative opinion of the work I have completed in my life. Let it be so. 

Perhaps if you, as my grandchild, accept this explanation of the MWAW, then it will prove how smart I am, and that I am not as crazy as your parents and grandmothers proclaim. Whatever YOU need to believe and accept to make yourself feel good about your biological connection to me, go ahead and believe it. Whether I made it up or not … and Oh God! I wish that I had … does not change the incredible power and profundity (wisdom and importance) of what I have shared with this world. And it all came by way of the true power mentioned above.

What have I accomplished during my life? Well, let’s see:

I am the only person who has ever provided a detailed and unchallengeable explanation of the Bible’s book of Revelation. Its meaning was completely unfolded for the very first time in the 2006 book titled 666, The Mark of America—Seat of the Beast: The Apostle John’s New Testament Revelation Unfolded.

I have written … if I acquiesce (give in) to the claims of my critics that I wrote it from my own head … a scripture that is so powerful that it has convinced thousands of people to leave the LDS/Mormon Church. No other book ever written has had that much power. Most of the people who read The Sealed Portion [of the Book of Mormon] (“TSP”), are convinced not of its divinity (godliness), but of the ability of just one man (me) to write modern-day scripture.

Many people who had read the Book of Mormon (published by my predecessor Joseph Smith, Jr.) did not believe that any mortal man, especially with limited education, could produce such a work. Well, when “I wrote” its sealed portion, strong evidence was given that, indeed, a man could have written such a powerful new scripture. Unfortunately, this led the majority of those who read The Sealed Portion to believe that Joe and I deceived people. They did not want to accept that the work each of us did was God’s work … “the work of the Father,” as prophesied in the Book of Mormon. If I had not produced the sealed part, and if it had not had such a profound effect upon those who read it, these people would not have had proof that a simple, uneducated man could write such profound scripture.

Please take note, Grandchildren, that after the publication of The Sealed Portion, the wicked LDS/Mormon Church stopped mentioning or teaching anything about the prophesied “sealed” and “greater” part of the gold plates, from which both Joe and I were commanded to take our writings. (You can look up the LDS/Mormon Doctrine and Covenants 24:1 for evidence that Joe was given the instruction “by the Lord,” “to write” the Book of Mormon. Joe fulfilled that commandment, just as I fulfilled the commandment to bring forth the sealed part of the same gold plates.

If you want a greater understanding of how Joe and I did what we did, you can refer to the unfinished book that I started writing a few years ago titled Joe, Me, and the Real Illuminati®. You won’t be disappointed.)

Unfortunately for the corrupt, wicked, and deceptive LDS/Mormon Church, if the Book of Mormon were true, then all of its prophecies would also come true (which they will). In regards to The Sealed Portion of the record and the unfolding of John’s book of Revelation, it was very clearly prophesied that before “the Father’s work commences,” both books must be published. (You can read BOM, Ether, chapters 3 and 4 for this reference. Chapter 3 explains the existence and purpose of The Sealed Portion and chapter 4 clearly and specifically states the following: 


And then shall my revelations which I have caused to be written by my servant John [meaning the Bible’s book of Revelation, see also 1 Nephi 14:17–30] be unfolded in the eyes of all the people. Remember, when ye see these things, ye shall know that the time is at hand that they shall be made manifest in very deed. Therefore, when ye shall receive this record [meaning The Sealed Portion, as introduced in Ether, chapter 3] ye may know that the work of the Father has commenced upon all the face of the land.


There has never been a person more feared by the LDS/Mormon Church than your grandfather. The leaders and members of this church do not dare to confront me in public about the MWAW. Furthermore, this wicked church has done everything in its power to deflect the true meaning of the prophecies of the Book of Mormon, incorrectly teaching it to mean that this corrupt religion is “the work of the Father” mentioned. 

Grandchildren, simply read the Book of Mormon for yourself. Depend on your own intelligence, reason, and logic to find out what the intent of this book was originally supposed to be. Or you can read A New American Scripture—How and Why the Real Illuminati® Created the Book of Mormon, which is free online.

At this time in Earth’s history, the societies of human beings are on the cusp of complete destruction. As I mentioned above, I am taking a break from writing the final book of the Real Illuminati®’s important Trilogy, One People, One World, One Government—Humanity’s Only Hope, meant to warn the people of Earth of their impending demise. 

Every nation upon this earth is “ripened in iniquity” (completely evil) and ready to repeat history. One need only study what has been reported about the other great societies of the past … those of which some sort of history has been written. As I review the vast number of notes left by the Real Illuminati® about Earth’s history, I am amazed at the way modern civilization is following, uncannily, the way all other human societies were destroyed in the past.

Upon reviewing the notes they left me, as well as utilizing the actual tools meant to help me know the Real Truth® about what REALLY happened in the past, I have learned that one of these societies was especially reflective of what is occurring in modern times. I took quite a bit of time reviewing their notes. And, as I always do in order to present a more palatable (simpler) explanation that will be received better, I searched and studied what historians have written and presented as history. I do this because, no matter what I learn from the notes of the Real Illuminati® or from the tools in my possession, it is important that, if possible, I find some relatable historical references to what I know as the Real Truth® about what REALLY happened in the past.

Luckily for me, they provided me with a list of references that might help me make their information more consistent with what scholars and historians believe to be true. One of the destroyed societies that best reflects what is happening in the world today was the Muslim kingdom of the 7th to 9th Century A.D. (C.E.). During its peak, Baghdad was one of the greatest and wealthiest cities on Earth. I studied works of a historian from that time period named Al-Khatib al-Baghdadi (1002-1071)

Instead of depending on my own research and interpretation, I found a modern work that PERFECTLY summarizes the downfall of these societies. It was exactly what I needed to gain some credibility among modern historians. The title of this summary is apropos (relevant) to what I am required to report: The Fate of Empires by Sir John Glubb (pub. 1976). 

It was an incredible read! It would be wise for you and anyone else who wants to understand the common narrative of history that reports the downfall of “empires,” to read this rather short and profound treatise. Glubb writes:


When I first read these contemporary descriptions of tenth-century Baghdad, I could scarcely believe my eyes. I told myself that this must be a joke! The descriptions might have been taken out of The Times [newspaper] today. The resemblance of all the details was especially breathtaking—the break-up of the empire, the abandonment of sexual morality, the ‘pop’ singers with their guitars, the entry of women into the professions, the five-day week. I would not venture to attempt an explanation! There are so many mysteries about human life which are far beyond our comprehension.


Glubb gives some incredible information of how modern societies are following the exact same pattern of development and destruction that all great civilizations of the past experienced. I can’t wait to finish the third book of the Trilogy and explain how human civilizations of our current dispensation of time (for the past 10,000 years) have developed and eventually been destroyed. Furthermore, I will explain how many, many, many other “great empires” followed the same pattern and fate in the five other dispensations of human time during Earth’s over 5 billion years of existence.

You see, Grandkids, your grandfather has the notes and historical records of these five other different dispensations of time. In these other dispensations, human civilizations developed and prospered, but eventually were all completely destroyed. They left no physical evidence of their existence, because these other time periods were millions of years ago; and a million years is nothing compared to 5 billion years! You see, anything created on this earth by human hands, if it is not maintained, after even just 1 million years, will not remain … other than as the dust from which all human-made things are created.

Grandpa’s going to have a hard time convincing the prideful historians, scholars, and scientists of modern times to accept that there were many, many other highly advanced groups of humans who lived during the billions of years of Earth’s existence. Why? Because there is no record that lasted … at least according to what most of the world believes.

Remember the true power that I mentioned above? This true power provides Grandpa with the ability to access anything that I want to know about the history of Earth, its sun, its planets, and everything else that once existed—by this power. By this power, I can report exactly what happened in the past, just like I can report what is happening today, and what will happen in the future.

In all that I have reviewed, throughout all the notes that were left for me, and by the capability of the tools (powered by this true power) from which I, alone, can access this information, I can report the following. The exact same reasons that are causing the demise of the human race today, have ALWAYS caused the destruction of human societies … worlds without end!

I absolutely love Glubb’s summary in his book, The Fate of Empires:


XXXIX Summary

As numerous points of interest have arisen in the course of this essay, I close with a brief summary, to refresh the reader’s mind. 

(a) We do not learn from history because our studies are brief and prejudiced. 

(b) In a surprising manner, 250 years emerges as the average length of national greatness. 

(c) This average has not varied for 3,000 years. Does it represent ten generations? 

(d) The stages of the rise and fall of great nations seem to be: 

The Age of Pioneers (outburst) 

The Age of Conquests

The Age of Commerce

The Age of Affluence 

The Age of Intellect

The Age of Decadence.

(e) Decadence is marked by:





An influx of foreigners

The Welfare State

A weakening of religion.

(f) Decadence is due to:

Too long a period of wealth and power


Love of money

The loss of a sense of duty.

(g) The life histories of great states are amazingly similar, and are due to internal factors. 

(h) Their falls are diverse, because they are largely the result of external causes. 

(i) History should be taught as the history of the human race, though of course with emphasis on the history of the student’s own country. 


Glubb questions whether … 


Perhaps, in fact, we may reach the conclusion that the successive rise and fall of great nations is inevitable and, indeed, a system divinely ordained. But even this would be an immense gain. For we should know where we stand in relation to our human brothers and sisters.


When it comes to the true god of our reality, indeed, the lessons of the rise and fall of human society, caused by human nature, are “a system divinely ordained.” The Real Truth® explains that humans come to this solar system, out of an infinite number of others, so that they can participate in these societies. Life upon Earth is indeed “the days of [our] probation,” in which all participants are tested to see if they, indeed, add to the demise of their societies because of the way they treat each other … “where we stand in relation to our human brothers and sisters.”

Well, for now, that’s a good enough break for me. I’m going to rest for a while and get back to that book I am writing. I am not done writing this chapter in my autobiography. I’ll continue this chapter at a later date …