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Chapter Four (continued): Birth and Family

Yeah … I know … this all sounds a bit weird.  Right?  Well, let’s logically consider it.

You will find that there are many people who believe that, after we die, we will remain conscious somewhere other than here upon Earth.  Some call it heaven.

You’ll also find some who are skeptic of any type of life after death.  These believe that when we die, that’s it—we’re done, and we completely cease to exist.

To understand where the believers and the skeptics are coming from, simply ask each a question:

What is the purpose of your life?

You are going to have to ask everyone, because each one is going to give you a different answer.  Each answer is the correct one, according to individual perception and perspective, as I have explained above.

As you consider that there are so many answers to the same question, remember what Grandpa told you:

Everyone is right.  Which makes everyone wrong.®

I’ve explained how I am able to go to sleep and enter a dream world that is, for me, another life in another place.  As I tried to point out, unlike your dreams (regular mortal dreams), when I have one of these special dreams it is not disjointed, convoluted, or confusing in any way.  It is a continuation of the last time I entered where the dream takes place.  It’s as if I had gone to sleep (took a nap) one day in our real world and the next day awoke to a continuation of the same dream.

I tried to explain that I (Grandpa Christopher) am the one who is actually the dream character of my Higher Self—a person who I am and always have been—the person who has dreams in which I experience different mortal incarnates (lives) upon this earth.

Given this, if you were to see me sleeping, you might be able to think, “Grandpa has awaken in his Real World, where his True Self exists.”

Or maybe, “Grandpa is asleep, so this means that his True Self is awake and not dreaming; and while his True Self is awake and no longer dreaming, his mortal body is paused.”

Or maybe, “Mortal life is like a very realistic video game that Grandpa chose to play.  He picked his game avatar from the game avatars that were created by other players, because a new player can’t create his own.  He chose the avatar that great-grandma Diane and great-grandpa Michael made by having sex.  While he plays the game through his Christopher avatar, sometimes he pauses Christopher (puts him to sleep) so that he can can do other things fully conscious as his True Self.”

For a minute, let’s consider the last scenario of mortal life being similar to playing a video game: The rules of the game are fixed and apply to anyone who plays it. Christopher doesn’t know that he is an avatar any more than a video game’s avatar knows about or is aware of the person who created the avatar and is using it to play the game.

As the game is being played, things do not progress in the game as it is supposed to be played.  Some of the avatars take on a life of their own and started doing things within the game that weren’t fair to the other players.  There isn’t anything that the other players can do to stop these avatars, because the people who chose to connect to the out-of-control avatars can’t control them either.

If there are game avatars that have somehow become uncontrollable (the players no longer can control what their avatars do), it is usually because the avatars start to think on their own and believe that they are alive and are not actually avatars being controlled by someone outside of the game.  (Mortals believes that their mortal Self is the one that is eternal and will live forever in heaven.)

This often happens because the game avatars are not supposed to know that they aren’t actually anything special. They don’t understand that they are only game pieces being used for the enjoyment and entertainment of the players.  Not knowing their true reality, sometimes the avatars disconnect and begin to control the game. They place more value on the game and what the game avatars are experiencing than on the purpose for which the players connected to the avatars in the first place.

In an attempt to use their avatars to fix the game, within the fixed rules established for the game, there is a failsafe. It was put into the game to help the players regain control of their avatars.

A failsafe is a system or plan that comes into operation in the event of something going wrong or that is there to prevent such an occurrence. The failsafe of the game must follow all the rules of the game. This particular failsafe for mortal life is the reason why Grandpa had what he calls his transfiguration.

A game piece (avatar) can become aware of its purpose in the game and that it should actually be controlled by its creator. Then the avatar is more likely to follow the directions of the one who created it for the purpose of playing the game.

In a video game, the players see the game world through the eyes of their avatars.  The players live in the real world. They can only act and be acted upon in the game through their game avatar’s physical senses. This is done with a body that they have chosen in order to play the game.  As far as gaming technology has advanced today, a player cannot actually, physically enter the game.  Everything in the game is done through an avatar.

The failsafe of the game of mortal life is a way provided for an avatar to reverse the energy transfer with which its brain works. The avatar, therefore, can see and experience what its controlling player sees and experiences in the player’s world.

Consider the following illustration.  The brain on the right is the real brain of the player.  The brain on the left is the avatar’s brain.  This is how a transfigured brain can operate.

Grandpa’s transfiguration allows him to see what his True Self is seeing, something that no other mortal, except for four others, can do.  I can only see what my True Self is doing—what my True Self sees in its world,when my mortal avatar is unconscious (asleep).

There was only one reason why I was allowed to reverse the perception process so that I could see what my True Self sees: I am the failsafe. I am what is called a True Messenger. A True Messenger is the system or plan that comes into operation in the event of something going wrong or that is there to prevent such an occurrence.

Everything … again, let me repeat it … EVERYTHING … that is wrong with this world can be solved by mortals knowing the Real Truth about who they are and why they exist.

Can you imagine how this world would change if we understood this about humanity?—if we understood that we are all equal mortal avatars who are supposed to be controlled by our True Selves, for a good purpose.  This purpose, which would be considered the purpose of life, is not to satisfy the needs of the avatar, but the needs of the player.  In other words, the purpose of life is for all individuals to fulfill the needs of their True Self.

In order to be able to fulfill these needs, and truly fulfill your own purpose in life, you must come to know the Real Truth about your own True Self and what your True Self’s needs actually are.  To do this, you must be informed about the players’ world and how things are there compared to how things are here on an earth full of avatars playing the game of mortal life, most of whom are uncontrolled by their True Self.

If you were allowed to do anything that you wanted to do in life, and you weren’t forced to do things that kept you from doing what you wanted in life, ONLY then could your True Self’s avatar fulfill the measure of its creation, or better, fulfill the purpose for why you exist.

If you knew that the Earth was here to serve you equally along with everyone else by providing all mortal avatars with equal opportunity to act and be acted upon according to the desires and needs of the individual, how would say the world is going?  Not too good, huh?  But why?

The world does not fulfill the purpose for which it exists, because the majority are being controlled by a few avatars that are out-of-control and have taken over the game.  My job, the role of the failsafe meant to prevent or correct such an occurrence, is to remind everyone that mortal life—allow me to say it as clearly as I can—is simply a game being played out in and through the highly advanced power of our True Self’s brain.

Those who recruited me as the failsafe have the knowledge that can help our mortal avatars transform the world back into what it was supposed to be (what it was in the beginning).  To start, we must end poverty by making it easy to live.

No one should be forced to work for another, to enrich the other, while remaining impoverished. No one should be forced to work for another mortal in order to survive.  If all mortals were guaranteed and provided the basic necessities of life from the time they are born to the time that they die, then all would finally have the time to focus on their individual needs of happiness, which would fulfill the purpose for which they exist in the first place.

This cannot be accomplished as long as there are mortal avatars who think that they are better and more entitled to Earth’s abundant resources than everyone else.  However, those whose happiness and purpose in life is fulfilled by being seen as rich and successful must also be supported in this desire, or the purpose for which these live cannot be fulfilled.  The work that Grandpa does (being the failsafe) would allow all to pursue their own form happiness without being forced to do something that makes them unhappy.

Do you know what creates most of the inequality in our world, dear grandchildren? Now, this is going to be a hard one for most people to accept, unless they open their minds and really, really think about it—the family.

How can your family be more important to the purpose of life than any other family? Why are there families anyways?  How did families first start?

Let’s consider what I have shared about Aydyn’s birth.

I knew Aydyn’s True Self before she was born.  I knew her True Self because I have the ability to see into the world where her True Self exists.  (That’s what happened while I was taking a nap in the hospital.  Her mother’s labor was prolonged because her True Self and I had some minute details to discuss.)

Reconsider what I wrote above:

“Aydyn’s true Self was much more advanced in mental, physical, and social development than I perceived that I was.  This advanced person was not Aydyn yet, as this person had not yet connected to Aydyn’s mortal brain.  Our conversation was not controlled by me.  It was controlled by Aydyn’s true Self.  This incredible human being was telling me what was going to happen and was allowing me to give my input.”

How can Aydyn be my granddaughter when I perceive her True Self this way?  How can I treat her as someone less than me, not as intelligent, someone who needs my advice and counsel? When Aydyn dies and disconnects from her mortal body, who is she then?

She is the same person she was before she connected with the mortal brain that had developed for a bit more than nine months in my daughter’s womb. So—how can Aydyn’s mother be my daughter, if when I was asleep, I could see into our real world and interact with the advanced human who is actually connected to Brittany? Are you ready for this one?

Aydyn was once my mother, not Christopher’s mother, but one of the mothers of the body to which my True Self connected in a previous lifetime.  (Except to Aydyn, I will not reveal to another person who she was and when she was my mother in a previous life.  I will only reveal this to Aydyn if she asks me.)

And you wonder why her infant brain was so connected to me until I was forced to break that mortal bond?

Yeah … I know … this all sounds a bit weird.  Right?  Well, let’s logically consider it.

If we are going to live (become conscious) after we die, then we are going to be living as the same person we were before we were born. Let’s say I’m 88-years old when I die.  I’m going to look like a grandpa then.  Let’s say that Aydyn is 42-years old when I die.  I’m sure she is going to be a beautiful 42-year old woman.  She will see me as her Grandpa, an old man with a lot of wrinkles, gray hair, and larger-than-normal nose and ears.  If our relationship as Grandpa and Granddaughter continued after this life the same way that it was during this life, then I would always be an old man in Aydyn’s eyes.

But guess what?

When I die, and then Aydyn dies, we will see each other as we really are, as we were before we were born as Christopher and as Aydyn.  We will see each other as our True Selves.  What then happens to our grandpa/granddaughter relationship?  It really becomes meaningless to who we actually are and why we exist.

Will I remember Aydyn’s True Self as once being my mortal granddaughter or once being my mortal mother?  Do you see the dilemma with this Real Truth? Are you starting to see and understand Grandpa’s perception of things ever since his transfiguration?

I hope you now understand why I had to walk away from my children and from my children and grandchildren because of my role as a True Messenger.  (Or why my children were taken away from me and kept away from me by their mothers.)  It was very hard for me to pretend and meet the expectations of being a normal dad and grandpa.  Because I knew the True Self of each of my children and grandchildren, it was very hard for me to act the part that the world expected of me.

I knew Michael Nemelka’s and Diane Jorgensen’s True Selves before I chose the body that they had created for my incarnate (life) as Christopher.  They were equal to me in every way.  In our real world neither is my parent.  There are no parents there.  There are only highly advanced human beings of equal age and appearance and on equal standing. There are no families in heaven.  This is the Real Truth.  Another Real Truth follows.

Because we have allowed families to develop on Earth, and we value our own family more than we do any other, we are experiencing bad things.

Now you can imagine why so many people hate me for explaining this Real Truth.

Upon being born I was meant to be raised in a religion that focuses primarily on the Eternal Family Unit, where the bonds between parent and child can remain forever—but only IF one obeys the commandments of the LDS/Mormon God.  The Eternal Family is the selling point of this religious faith.  It is its greatest deception.  It causes more heartache and misery than any other.  Think about it.

Remember when I explained how my own father had the sheriff deputies point their guns at me and handcuff me?  Remember why he did this “bad” thing to his own son?  He did this because of his religion.  If he did not see me as his son, or your parents as his grandchildren—a part of his own Eternal Family Unit—he would have never done this to me.

As I write this autobiography, the U.S. President Donald Trump is about to exercise his executive authority to order the powerful U.S. military to build a border wall on the southern border between the United States and Mexico.  President Trump is doing this to protect American families from Latino-American families.  That’s what a president of a nation is supposed to do.  Right?

I saw the following note posted by an American Christian Entrepreneur:

“Heaven has a wall, a gate and a strict immigration policy.  Hell has open borders. Let that sink in.”

Yeah, really.  Sigh …

But anyways …

Because of the concept of a family, there are Christians, there are Americans, and there are Entrepreneurs. Christians believe that their family is the most important thing to their God and religion. Americans believe that the Christian God gave them the United States of America to protect and support their religion and their families.  They believe the native American people and their families were just unbelieving savages who didn’t deserve to live in the land that the Christian God promised His people.  Oh my! Entrepreneurs believe that God blesses those who believe in Him with prosperity (money).

The Real Truth:

There are no Christians in the real heaven.  There are no Americans in the real heaven.  And there are certainly no business people there.  There are only highly advanced humans living in complete equality according to each of their individual desires for happiness.

As the example above shows, American Christians persecute everyone who does not believe as they do. My own father persecuted his own son in some very malicious ways … because of his religion. My father’s religion caused his mortal avatar to no longer be controlled by his True Self. I was his little boy from December 2, 1961 through June 15, 1987.  I then became your great-grandfather’s worst enemy.

But how can I mistreat and disrespect my mortal father, regardless of what he has done to me, when I know the Real Truth about his True Self?  It’s easy to forgive anything and everything that another does to you in this life when you know the Real Truth.

One day my father and I will meet in heaven.  A simple smile shared between two advanced humans will be all that remains of the mortal bond and experience we once shared for a short time in our eternal existence.

I needed to be raised in religion, especially in a religion as unique as the LDS/Mormon faith, the epitome (the perfect example) of a Christian American Entrepreneur religion—one of the wealthiest churches in the world.

I chose to connect to a body that was created through my father’s DNA, knowing fully well that I would be subjected to his religion throughout my life.  I needed to do this to learn about religion through actual experience.  I needed the persecution that he would put me through.  Nothing is of more importance to my father than his religion.  He would sacrifice my life and support my death if my life threatened his religion.

Crazy.  Right?  But the Real Truth.

As my True Self, before being born as Christopher on December 2, 1961, I needed to find the right mortal parents.  I knew that if one’s mortal Self was completely disconnected and uncontrollable, the mortal avatar would make religion the main purpose for its existence.  For all intents and purposes, in our real world, I searched and found an advanced human who had lost control of his mortal Self to religion, and belonged to a mortal family experience of religious influence.  As you read more in my autobiography, you will come to know how being raised in the Nemelka mortal family was the perfect choice for whom I was to become—the world’s failsafe.

To counter what I would receive from being a part of the Nemelka family and to provide my mortal brain with the necessary physical components that would allow it to one day question religion and remain somewhat connected to its true source of energy, I needed to choose the proper mother.

Since her youth, my mother, Elizabeth Diane Jorgensen, never felt right being a Mormon.  Her mother would provide her with the religious experience while her father provided her with a stark contrast.

I chose the right parents.  They didn’t choose me.  I chose them.

And you chose to be associated to me in your mortal life, for good or for bad.  This depends on how connected you are to your True Self.

But anyways …

Let’s continue with more details of my life.