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Chapter 5: Childhood, First and Second Grades

By the time I turned five-years old, I would no longer have my mother in my life.

One might wonder what it must have been like for a baby to be born into the home of a young mother just out of High School who already had two other boys. Additionally, she gave birth to another boy exactly a year, a month, and a day later, and finally a sister a year after that.  I was too young to remember much about my early days with my mother.  But I wasn’t too young to remember how it was to have a stepmother without her.

Why my mother left us boys with my dad and took my sister, Alesa, with her is something for my mother to explain.  Why she and Dad divorced?  Well, as always, there are two sides to every story.  Had my mother taken me with her, I would have never had the chance to be raised in a strict LDS/Mormon home. So that I could become the best failsafe for humanity possible, I needed religion.

In 1966, my father found a new mother for me and my three brothers: Gloria Harmon.  Raised in a strict LDS/Mormon home on an 88 acre farm located in Ucon, Idaho, Gloria became exactly what I needed for those formative years.

Needed for what? What I needed to have the experiences necessary to prepare my young mind for what I would be asked to do later in life—become humanity’s failsafe.

In order for you to understand why Gloria was perfect for me, as a step-mother, in my becoming the failsafe, I think I should probably explain a bit more about my role as this failsafe. Keep in mind that “failsafe” is the word I am using to describe the purpose for which my mortal brain was allowed to fully connect to my True Self so that I completely understood the Real Truth™ about human reality.

Grandchildren, you’re going to run across a lot of people in the past, in the present, and surely in the future, who are going to claim some kind of a special role for humanity.  There might even be a few who teach that we are connected to a Higher Power, some might even use the words, “Higher Self.”  But I can assure you, besides the few others who oversee the work that I do and me, there is none other living today (if I am still living when you read this) that are connected.

Throughout the history that you are exposed to (during this Sixth Dispensation of Human Time associated with this solar system), there have only been 23 other actual mortals who had their brains transfigured so they knew all there was to know about human reality—who we are and why we exist—and were asked to explain it to the rest of humanity the best they could.  In every case, except for mine, at least at the time of this writing, these men were killed because of what they taught.

Well, actually, if you read more about your grandpa’s work, you’ll become familiar with one failsafe who did not experience an actual transfiguration (where his normal brain was changed at a point during his life)—a man named Inpendius. Inpendius was born with a brain that was fully connected.  If he would have been born in modern times, he would be considered a savant/child prodigy.  The difference between how the modern world would view Inpendius and how it views savants/child prodigies is, besides being able to explain everything there is to know about human reality, Inpendius could function as a normal person in social situations.  Other savants/child prodigies usually cannot.  However, the cognitive abilities (brain power) that these abnormal mortals (savants/prodigies) possess demonstrate that our brains are capable of things beyond the way that the normal brain is supposed to function.

If you want to know more about Inpendius, then you’ll have to take a stronger interest in Grandpa’s work and study more about him.  However, I need to mention something very important for you to understand about the role of a True Messenger, i.e., this failsafe. I’ve kept this information back for my entire life—or rather, since I first understood that I was to be this person.

When I publish this part of my autobiography on the Internet, it will be the very first time I have explained this important Real Truth™.  I haven’t explained it before because I was still exposed to the world and lived a normal life.  At the time of this writing, I am in hiding and few know where I live.  I do not associate with people like I did for many years before this time.  I am a recluse living in my own “cavity of a rock.”  (More on this later.)

Because I am now protected by anonymity and have withdrawn completely from society, I do not have to worry about being hunted down, persecuted, and killed as I have been in other previous mortal incarnates when I took on the role of a True Messenger.  (If you consider what my own father did to me, you can imagine what others who do not share any mortal bond with me would like to do to me.  But anyways …)

Here is the Real Truth™ that has never been revealed until this time:

For this group of people, I have always been the only mortal failsafe.  Yep, all of my twenty-four incarnates were as a True Messenger who disclosed the Real Truth™ to the world.  Being this person is the only reason why I play the game of mortal life.

Now, some who read this are going to get a bit confused.

Some have heard me explain that, in one of my recent past lives, I lived as Hyrum Smith—the older brother of Joseph Smith, Jr. Joseph was the alleged founder of the first authentic new Americanized religion—the LDS/Mormon Church.  When he was 14 years old, on April 6, 1820, Joseph Smith’s brain was transfigured, just like mine was on June 16, 1987.  The confused will ask, “If Joseph’s brain was transfigured, then he was a True Messenger.  Right?”  WRONG!

Joseph Smith, Jr. was not a True Messenger.  The other four whom I have mentioned are not True Messengers.  Joseph did not tell the Real Truth™ to his followers; therefore, he did not deliver the Real Truth™ to the world.  If he had, his followers would have killed him long before they did.  My mentors are not delivering any message to the world.  I am the only one of us who is putting myself out there and delivering the Real Truth™ to the world.

You see, Grandkids, the MESSAGE is the REAL TRUTH™ of all things, as things really were in the past, as they really are today, and as they really will be in the future.  The Real Truth™ is not what people imagine in their heads, although people can imagine glimpses of the Real Truth™ if they focus hard enough.  (We all know it, but as mortals, we’re not supposed to remember it all completely.)

The Real Truth™ cannot be found in scientific conclusions and theories that are formed and supported by people who think they are smart because they study each other’s theories. And the Real Truth™ is certainly not found in religion.

A True Messenger can explain everything there is to know about human reality—who we are and why we exist.  He can explain from where the sun, planets, plants, animals, and every other life form upon Earth came.  He can explain why there are mountains and large oceans.  He can basically explain the Real Truth™ about everything you need to know about life upon Earth.

I mentioned above that “you’re going to run across a lot of people in the past, in the present, and surely in the future, who are going to claim some kind of a special role for humanity.”  ALL of these, if not an actual, bona fide True Messenger (failsafe), are delusional and have imagined themselves as special.

These are trying to convince others that they are of value and worth something to humanity.  People become this way by experiencing a time in their life where they were once devalued and unappreciated by those from whom they sought value and worth.  This happens to many people as a normal reaction to being devalued and under-appreciated.  For all intents and purposes, inmortal life these people ARE special and the most important person that exists—at least that’s the way that their brains are wired.  All of our brains are wired in this way.

My stepmother, Gloria Harmon, who should have loved me as a mother, had a very hard time loving me.  She devalued me as a young boy growing up under her wing and hardly appreciated me for anything.

What did Grandpa just write in his autobiography!?

He just said that people who are devalued and under-appreciated can become delusional and start thinking that they are special!

Is that what happened to him on June 16, 1987?

Is all this about being the only and last failsafe for humanity a product of how he was treated as a child?

Trained psychoanalysts would think so.  Grandpa is looney tunes!  He is a lunatic.  He even compares his self to the moon (from the latin root luna).

Is grandpa trying to tell you that he is a nutcase?  Maybe.

Grandpa just told you that every time in the past when there was a True Messenger upon Earth, IT WAS HIM in one of his incarnates. He said he has a message for the world that would save humanity. He said there is no other message of Real Truth™, and that no one else knows how to save humanity!

In fact, check this out:

There have been five different periods of time when the human race flourished and then ended up destroying itself, and we’re now in the sixth and final time period.  To make it easy to comprehend, one of Grandpa’s mentors wrote an allegorical story about everything that has happened on Earth to humanity since the beginning of time.  This mentor fixed the different dispensations of human time at 1000 years each in order for the readers of his story to more easily comprehend the extensive time that Earth has existed.

In his allegoric story, this author, (let’s call him John, because that’s what he calls himself in his story) took the time periods that humans have lived upon Earth and mathematically associated them with the 24 times that a mortal has lived upon Earth as a True Messenger.  His equation is simple but was never solved until Grandpa figured it out in 1987.

In his equation, John applies the 24 True Messengers (he calls them “four and twenty elders”) and multiplies their lifetimes by the number of years that he had chosen to symbolically represent human existence (6000 years).  His equation was a symbolic way of presenting the idea that if mortals would listen to the “elders” they would be saved (24 x 6000 = 144,000).

Yeah, it’s true.  Grandpa’s step-mother treated him badly.  There’s no doubt about the fact that I was devalued and underappreciated by Gloria.  And I wish to God that it were true that everything I know and have been taught by my four mentors was a result of this childhood trauma.

But there is a HUGE difference between my claims of being special and those of others who have experienced a devaluation and a lack of appreciation for who they are. Here I’ll take the opportunity to share an experience I had just before I withdrew from the world and started living “in a cavity of a rock”:

I attended a party with a small group of people.  Present was a woman who was once LDS/Mormon, had a bunch of children, then decided to leave her husband and her children to pursue what she thought was “the Father commanding me.”

Of course, after leaving a religion that is entirely focused on the family unit in the way that she did, after giving up custody of her children, it’s obvious that she would lose worth and value in the eyes of her children, family, and friends.  It was obvious that she was very devalued and unappreciated because of her decisions.

I came to know this woman and allowed some things to happen between us that I regret.  I allowed these things because I had great compassion for her and wanted to do anything I could to make her feel valued and appreciated for her True Self.  This woman misunderstood my intentions and, to make a long story short, (in her mind) turned herself into a True Messenger!  Yeah, really!

At this party, the woman kept interrupting me and telling the group that “love is the answer”—that we could change the world with love.  She basically ignored everything that I was telling the small group and announced her own knowledge and specialness.

In attendance among this small group was a scientist who had earned a PhD and was very intelligent, as far as the world goes.  The reason why this scientist was there was because I could answer questions that science could not.  He was intrigued by what I knew and had followed my work for a few years.  He referred to me as a “Real Scientist.”

As this particular woman continued to interrupt me and present her specialness, this man looked at her and, because he is a very nice and considerate person (not wanting to devalue her on the spot) said, “Christopher knows some things.”

This is how you tell the difference between a person who is delusional and seeking others’ value and recognition and one who actually is a True Messenger who knows: He can answer your questions; she cannot.

Unfortunately, as I had to do on a few other occasions, since revealing myself to the world as a True Messenger, I had to take steps to call out this woman and stop her from taking advantage of those whom she would not have come to know without being associated with my work.

Yeah, grandkids, you’re going to run into a lot of sincere people who make claims that they are special.  They make these claims in hopes of others recognizing their specialness and giving them the comfort that they need, by refilling the self-worth and value they had lost in their lives.

Many of these have been “sent by God.”  Some have been “commissioned and baptized by Jesus Christ.”  Some have “seen angels.”  Some have “seen aliens.”  Some are “prophets.”  Some are “psychics” and “healers.”  Some are “channelers and can speak with your dead relatives.”

Hey, if you ever meet one of these channelers, pay them all the money they need and want, so that they can connect to your dead Grandpa Christopher so he can deliver a message to you through them.  Yeah, then sit there and wait and see what comes out of their mouths.

The difference between any other who claims some special power of vision or understanding and your ol’ gramps, is: “Christopher knows some things.” They don’t have a clue!

Yes, Gloria Harmon was a farm girl and used to hard work.  She became the instant caregiver for my physical needs.

Gloria found little happiness in being an instant mother until my half-brother, Kevin Wendell Nemelka, was born in 1967.  Kevin would do everything right, according to the values of the world.  Kevin became a staunch LDS/Mormon, had a bunch of kids, and made a career for himself in the United States military as colonel.  He went to school and became a very successful veterinarian while employed by the military.

Col. Kevin Nemelka (with the glasses), Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Johnson, Brig. Gen. Erik Torring, Lt. Col. Jacque Parker, Air Force Maj. David Temple and Maj. Andrea Henderson cut the ribbon to the new Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Facility and Hospital Recovery Kennels at the LTC Daniel E Holland Military Working Dog Hospital today. The new facility provides flooring and lighting more suited to protect post-operative patients and minimize their stress. It includes a quiet room, large exercise area and an aquatic therapy room. (Photo Credit: Johnny Saldivar, 502 ABW Public Affairs)

My brother, Kevin, is a good man; and so is my father.  Both get their self-worth and value from that which the world believes is good—religion and military service.

Well, the two things the Real Truth™ explains that has corrupted humanity more than the family unit are religion and military service (which really isn’t service but a job—people wouldn’t join the military, if they weren’t paid money and great benefits for doing it.) So, you can imagine the worth that Gloria’s “golden child” gave to her life.

I often felt sorry for my next half-brother who was born after Kevin, Joel Nathan Nemelka.  Joel didn’t fall for the religious part of being a Nemelka, but he fell hard for the family part.  To Joel, nothing was more important than “blood.”

I often felt bad about the way that I treated Joel before June 16, 1987, when I also was deceived by religion.  I did not treat him well.  After Joel, Gloria would have a daughter, Jill.  Jill didn’t fall for the religious deceptions either, but she did fall for the world, which has separated us to this day.  I would use Joel’s name to apply an allegoric value to the fact that he wasn’t as deceived by religion as Kevin was.  I would name my youngest child, a son, Nathan Marc Nemelka.

Barely nine months after Jill was born, Gloria would have my favorite sibling of all of them—Bridgett. Bridgett has down syndrome. This a birth defect, a chromosomal defect, causing Bridgett to be intellectually impaired. It is associated with the physical abnormalities present with anyone who is born this way.  Bridgett never developed beyond the intellectual of a little child.

Bridgett was always special to me, but her specialness would not have a profound impact on me until after I knew the Real Truth™ about her defect. Actually, the “defect” isn’t a defect (an imperfection) at all!

Bridgett’s demeanor and character are as close as a modern imperfect mortal can get to being like our advanced Higher Selves, when we first connected to mortal forms upon this earth.  When Bridgett’s brain formed, it was closer to how our perfect mortal brains actually were during the First Dispensation of Human Time upon Earth.

It is impossible for Bridgett to be unkind.  It is impossible for her to think badly of another person.  It is impossible for her to harm another person.  Bridgett, similarly to all those who share her—not imperfection, but perfection—is more humane than any normal person.

Bridgett needs only the basics to survive—food, shelter, clothing, and healthcare—to be perfectly happy with her life.  Education is useless; she doesn’t need it to be happy.  Except for that which she has been repeatedly exposed to throughout her life, Bridgett does not gain any value and self-worth from the world.

Bridgett is a perfect example of self-assurance and self-actualization. If I sat with her and told her that I was the world’s failsafe, the only and last True Messenger upon Earth, she would accept it.  She might not fully understand the implications of what I am saying, but she would accept it.  She has never thought, nor is she capable of thinking any unkind thing about me or about anyone else.

If you knew the Real Truth™ about how humans developed and have lived upon Earth for billions of years, you would find that who humans are today are a bad, very imperfect example of who their first ancestors were. The Real Truth™ is, humans have not evolved; they have devolved from their original state.  This devolution was caused by perfect mortals playing around with human’s DNA and their chromosomes.

All mortals upon Earth were once perfect mortals with the right kind of DNA. Their chromosomes were perfect for the environment and the purpose for their existence. After some or our perfect ancestors started playing around with DNA and creating different types of human bodies, our chromosomes got all mixed up, until they have become what they are today—imperfect mortals.

Bridgett’s DNA retained a perfect strand of chromosomes that carries the genetic information for the part of our emotional development that once created the perfect mortal human.  Perfect mortals were kind, did not think badly of another, could not harm another, and had self-esteem which didn’t need others to supply value to it, of any kind.

“Adam and Eve” (just messing around with some religious characters that represent the perfect humans before the fall of mankind) were more similar to Bridgett than to Kevin, Joel, Jill, and another half-sister who would be born after her, Paulette, and then Gloria’s youngest son, James Howell. It can be said that, when Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden and had everything provided for them, they were down syndrome.  When they “sinned” and ate the fruit that changed their bodies and got them kicked out of the Garden of Eden, they were cursed with a normal brain.  Bridgette is not cursed.

Remember what that scientist said about Grandpa? “He knows some things.”

Compare what I have explained above about your Great Aunt Bridgett and what my LDS/Mormon father gave as the explanation to Bridgett’s so-called, abnormality:

I was living with Jackie, Brandon, Caleb, Sariah, and Ryan in the Rose Park area of Salt Lake City, Utah, I believe about 1995, when my dad came over and handed me a paper that an LDS/Mormon leader had written about down syndrome people. The paper explained that, when there was a war in heaven and Lucifer stood against Christ and lost, those of God’s spirit children who escorted Lucifer out of heaven would come to Earth as down syndrome people.  My father gained great personal value and added to his self-esteem by believing that he and Gloria were specially chosen to create a physical mortal body for one of God’s valiant escorts.

You know when it was that I first said “But anyways”?  It was after my father had left my house that day.  I read over the paper, smiled and said for the first time, “But anyways.”

Remember what a failsafe is, and why one would be important for humanity?

“As the game is being played, it does not progress as it is supposed to be played.  Some of the avatars take on a life of their own and started doing things within the game that aren’t fair to the other players.  There isn’t anything that the other players can do to stop these avatars, because the people who chose to connect to the out-of-control avatars can’t control them either. …

“In an attempt to use their avatars to fix the game, within the fixed rules established for the game, there is a failsafe. It was put into the game to help the players regain control of their avatars.

“A failsafe is a system or plan that comes into operation in the event of something going wrong or that is there to prevent such an occurrence. The failsafe of the game must follow all the rules of the game.”

Our ancestors, which were really us in a past incarnate as perfect mortals, started doing things that weren’t fair to everyone else.  (You’re going to have to read more about this in my mentors’ last book, The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality—A Final Warning to the Human Race, in order to get the details of exactly why our perfect mortal selves allowed others to do this.)  They did this by manipulating human DNA, which eventually caused the imperfections that we are now familiar with, which the world thinks are normal.

Because these few did this, and because the rules of the game are fixed, “there is a failsafe.”  One of my mentors, known as Timothy, actually lived back then and knows how to manipulate DNA.  He is a highly advanced chemist and bioengineer.  Timothy hid the sequential structure needed to replicate, or rather, reproduce, part of the brain that we all once had as perfect mortals—a brain that would be perceived today as a little child who thinks no harm, does no harm, is incapable of harm, and has impeccable self-esteem.  Because of his efforts then, the possibility of producing a down syndrome child through sex has endured for billions of years.

Now, grandkids, the idea that my mentors could have lived for billions of years upon Earth seems weird, right?  How could this be?  Well, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

Modern science is on the verge of discovering the chromosomes responsible for aging.  Once scientists have isolated these chromosomes (and they will), a physical body produced by changing the genetic instructions found in these chromosomes will not age past a predetermined number of years.  Mortals can then live forever, barring sickness and disease, an accident, or of course, having someone like my father kill them (because their mere existence threatens the idea that Bridgett was once an escort … hmmm, that didn’t come out right) for threatening the value received from an idea (that Bridgett was once one of God’s chosen spirit children who escorted Lucifer out of heaven after he lost the war in heaven).

“In an attempt to use their avatars to fix the game, within the fixed rules established for the game, there is a failsafe. It was put into the game to help the players regain control of their avatars.”

Timothy figured out a way to use his mortal avatar to help fix the game.

Gloria Harmon was engaged to be married to a man before she met my father.  Well …

I’m going to have to explain this, because I have taken a vow to now tell the Real Truth™ about all things …

“God” was on hand to mess with an engine at a certain time, at a certain place, that would cause the mortal death of Gloria’s fiancé.  Yep, “God” figured out a way to cause his death to look like an accident so that Gloria could marry my dad.

I needed Gloria to be my step-mother because I needed Bridgett to be my little sister. I needed to live for a crucial time during my adolescence on an 88-acre farm in Ucon, Idaho.

The rules of the game are fixed in that they are the same for everyone.  The rules of the game are the natural laws of this earth, laws that no one can avoid, no matter how smart you might be.  My mentors, as smart as they are, must play by the rules.  Throughout my life they have figured out a way to use their mortal existence to ensure that I would become their failsafe.

Timothy was on hand to help my mother meet whom she would come to see as the “love of her life.”  She would find a sweet, unreligious man and settle down for awhile and have another son, my half-brother, Greg Fisher.  Having found a man whom she came to love, raising my sister Alesa and Greg, my mother avoided contact with me and my other brothers and allowed us to be raised by Gloria—unrestricted, but overwhelmingly influenced by the LDS/Mormon religion.

Timothy made sure this was going to happen, not by using any magic, because there’s no such thing.  He could do this because he also is a failsafe.  He knows the Real Truth™ of all things; but he is not a True Messenger. His entire existence centered around making sure that I survived and was put in situations that would shape the personality, demeanor and character needed for a True Messenger.

Science can take someone’s DNA from a piece of trash that might have that person’s DNA on it from eating a sandwich.  Science can analyze the DNA sample and come to know a lot about the person.  Timothy had DNA sampling technology that is far beyond what science has yet to develop—they will soon, but not yet.

He wanted me isolated and raised in Ucon, Idaho, a close-knit Mormon community.  As my father was struggling to be a single dad back in Utah, Timothy was observing young, single women who lived in Ucon.  He found one, tracked her, and analyzed her DNA. He found that she had the potential of producing a body that carried some of the perfect DNA that he had hidden so many years ago, so that he could to inspire the human race to change by providing us with an example of a down syndrome brain—a very humane brain. Yep, he made all the arrangements for my childhood and upbringing.

I went to kindergarten at Edison Elementary School, very close to the house where my parents brought my new body.  After he married Gloria, my father moved us to Ucon where I attended the first grade at Ucon Elementary School.  We moved back to Utah, first to Hunter, where I attended Hunter Elementary for a very short time, and then to Alpine, Utah, where I attended the rest of second grade.

My dad owned a herd of cows.  It was near dark.  We were herding the cattle down Alpine’s main street.  My brother Mike was up ahead with a flashlight, warning the oncoming cars that my dad had his herd of cattle in the middle of the street.  Cory was behind the herd with a flashlight, warning the cars that were coming on to the rear.  Jody (Joseph Lee) and I were with my dad, waving our arms, yelling, and herding the cows.

I remember seeing two headlights bearing down on us.  I froze.  My dad’s prize bull stepped between a truck and Jody and me and took the full impact of the truck.  It all happened so fast.  I recall my dad fighting with the driver, pulling him out of the truck.  Time seemed to slow down then.  Some neighbors came out of their houses.  Then I heard a shot ring out that killed the dying bull.  I was crying and very afraid.

I don’t know when he took my hand, but I stood there holding the hand of a stranger, who was lovingly stroking the back of my head to comfort me as we both stood there alongside the road.  I looked up briefly and one of the kindest smiles I have seen assured me that everything was going to be okay.

“In an attempt to use their avatars to fix the game, within the fixed rules established for the game, there is a failsafe. It was put into the game to help the players regain control of their avatars.

“A failsafe is a system or plan that comes into operation in the event of something going wrong or that is there to prevent such an occurrence. The failsafe of the game must follow all the rules of the game.”

There was no way that Timothy could intercede and stop my dad from herding those cows down that Alpine road that night.  There was no magic he could use.  So, unseen as he followed us along the road that evening, he shooed that bull in the path of that truck.

Using his young boys to push a bunch of cows down the main road while it was dark was something that had gone wrong.  Timothy was the “system or plan that came into operation” that night, which prevented Joe’s and my death.  Although my dad didn’t follow all the rules of common sense that night, Timothy did.

Shortly thereafter, Gloria’s father, Wendell Harmon, died of a heart attack.  None of her siblings wanted to take over the farm (well, Timothy made sure that none of them did), so my father volunteered. We moved on to the 88-acre farm.  I went back to the same elementary school in Ucon, Idaho, where I had attended first grade (and where I was meant to be).

To backtrack a bit, my father was a police officer for the city of Idaho Falls when I attended first grade in Ucon.  If he would have stayed a police officer, we wouldn’t have been in Alpine that fateful night, and Timothy wouldn’t have had to sacrifice our prize bull.  It could have been a great career for my dad, IF it had been conducive and beneficial to a young True Messenger to live in the same place for most of his life.  It was not. Yep, Timothy had his hand in ending my father’s career as a police officer in Idaho Falls.  But I’ll let my dad tell that part of the story—if he will.

Timothy couldn’t stop my father from moving back to Utah, after he failed at being a police officer and the manager of Idaho Fall’s main movie house.  But he knew how to stop a bull from killing me. So he did—following all the rules of the game.