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Chapter 9: The end of High School

Yeah, Grandpa definitely knows some things.

Shortly after we introduced The Humanity Party® to the world in a mock U.S. presidential run by using the Anonymous symbol as a candidate (more on this later), a book was published called, The Boy Who Played with Fusion (Clynes, Tom, 2016). Portions of this book originally appeared in the popular magazine, Popular Science.

The story is about a young teenager boy who wanted to help save his grandmother from dying of cancer. He studied everything that he could about the medical procedures that doctors were using to help save his grandmother, most of which included nuclear medicine, which is the branch of medicine that deals with the use of radioactive substances in research, diagnosis, and treatment.

All people want to make their grandmother proud of them, right? Well, by the end of this chapter, you will come to know how and why my own grandmother would come to despise the very thought of me being her grandson.

Being a good person, the boy wanted to find a way to make these life-saving medical procedures available to everyone for free. He studied everything he could get his hands on that was written about nuclear science. He educated himself and, in doing so, needed the help of all those whose egos had written a book on the subject (as Grandpa explained about writing and education in the last chapter). Long story short, by the time he was a teenager, this boy made his own nuclear reactor at home and began to experiment with nuclear science.

I already mentioned that I became the Senior Class President of West High School, Class of 1980. I mentioned that I gave the commencement speech that was traditionally given by the Senior Class President. During the graduation ceremony, I would share the stage with our school’s Valedictorian. Another Valedictorian was Lisa Hughes.

Lisa was extraordinarily beautiful and extremely intelligent. Although a lot of boys wanted to date her, Lisa appeared to have no interest in high school boys and was known to date college men. For some reason, I was drawn to Lisa during high school. She wasn’t an LDS/Mormon, so I never thought that dating her was an option at the time. I would not know why I was so drawn to her until many years later.

Lisa Hughes used education and studied hard to succeed in the world. She graduated from college as an engineer (basically, a rocket scientist). Because she stayed mostly to herself and intimidated the boys her age, few knew the real Lisa; but one of the mentors who was following me throughout my life did. Lisa didn’t know (until she reads this book) that she was to play an important part for my role as a True Messenger, not because of her beauty, but because of her worldly education.

While Lisa was going to West High School, she was also very poor. Her family lived in a trailer park. Her dad had moved her around just like mine had. Few of her fellow students knew this about Lisa.

My feelings for Lisa Hughes were not what the other boys were feeling. In fact, I didn’t understand my feelings for her while we attended the same high school. We crossed paths a few times during our senior year, but I was more involved with the social aspect of school, while Lisa was more concerned about learning. She seemed like she couldn’t have cared less that she was being lusted after by the boys, but chose to date college men. Many years later, in 2016, a few months before I gave my final public symposium, my mentors encouraged me to reacquaint myself with Lisa.

“Why?” I thought at the time.

The only time I had really given any thought to Lisa after our graduation was a couple of times when I opened our yearbook. I would wonder what became of her. Because Sheri and I were having problems in our relationship (2016), I thought that maybe my mentors thought Lisa would be a better choice for a companion for me, if she was divorced. I didn’t know if she was single when they told me to look her up.

I found Lisa on Facebook® and made contact. Lisa was divorced and living in the Salt Lake City area. Not really knowing what my mentors expected of the meeting, but realizing that Lisa must be a pretty special person or she wouldn’t have been stalked throughout her life by my mentors as I was, we met at a local restaurant. This first meeting went very well.

Although we both had aged, she was still beautiful and very intelligent, according to the world’s standards. After Sheri had finally decided to leave me, I saw Lisa one more time in private, this time affording us both the opportunity of a possible relationship. We laughed and had a lot of fun together that day. There seemed to be some passion potential, but nothing that would intimately bind us to a committed relationship.

Lisa hadn’t come back into my life to replace Sheri. Lisa didn’t come back into my life to give me sex and companionship. She came back into my life to give me an example of a very wonderful, kind, and compassionate mortal, who had never let religion guide her life, but who was everything that the world recognized as intelligent and successful.

Lisa was not using her education and intelligence to get rich. She was using it to help other people live healthier lives. She truly cared about the world. At first, I told Lisa very little about my role as a True Messenger, but my mentors insisted that I made sure she received a special invitation to the last public symposium I would have.

The symposium was a gathering of about 125 chosen people who had reviewed my first rough draft of the book, The Dream of Mortal Life. I knew Lisa was highly intelligent, and thought about this as the reason my mentors wanted me to have her input.

During the symposium, I allowed Lisa more time than most to give her opinion and ideas about the book. I allowed others to give their opinions also. Of all those present, those few who believed that they were more intelligent than others talked the most. Lisa was more intelligent than all of them.

By listening to Lisa, I realized that the way that I was writing the book was not effective at helping the reader understand the Real Truth™ about human reality—who we are and why we exist. If Lisa’s intelligent mind couldn’t understand it properly, then I did not write it properly. Lisa’s comments proved to me that the book was not written properly.

My mentors had a couple of reasons why they wanted me to reacquaint myself with Lisa. First, it was so that I would realize that there are a lot of good, educated people in the world who are highly intelligent, as the world sees it. These people are not bad just because they have an education and have read a lot of books. Being educated is not what makes a person bad for the world. How one uses their education is what makes a person bad for the world.

Lisa Hughes was using her intelligence for good. The young boy from the book I mentioned above might have started out with good intentions, but more than likely he will go on to college, earn some prestigious degrees and make a lot of money. Lisa did not use her education only to make money. She was trying to help others live a healthier lifestyle.

The other reason why my mentors wanted me reacquainted with Lisa (and why they followed her throughout her life) was because of the influence she would have on helping me see that using a lot of scientific terms and big words in explaining the Real Truth™ was not the way to help others understand it. Again, if Lisa Hughes, who had a very similar background and upbringing as my own, did not come away with a clear picture of Real Truth™ after reading my first rough draft, then no one would … no one could. Lesson learned.

Lisa’s True Self and my True Self are close friends, something that she does not remember. This was the reason why I was so drawn to her during our brief association at West High School. When we were close for a few moments during the two times we saw each other privately, we started to feel the impact of the connections that are made between humans because of their relationships as their True Selves—as advanced humans participating in the dream of mortal life.

We might not see each other again upon Earth, during our present incarnates, and surely, Lisa will never quite understand the impact she has had on me completing my role as a True Messenger. But when we’ve shed these mortal avatars of ours, we will see each other as we really are. We will share some laughter that she will recall we once shared as we filled some bottles with pure water out of a Utah mountain spring.

Lisa Hughes and the young boy in the book wanted to change the world with the things that they had learned in school by reading and studying science. Unfortunately, nothing that either of them can do with their education will change the course of this world.

On February 19, 2019, the world would come to know another teenager who built a nuclear reactor in his home—a working fusion reactor. The news story would report:

“He began working on the fusion reactor at 12 years old, after concluding that he didn’t want to dedicate his leisure time solely to playing games like Fortnite. He began scouring the Internet for nuclear-related things because that’s what he says held his interest. Yes — at 12 years old.”

Many months before this news story was released to the public, we had explained how a twelve-year-old boy would one day destroy our solar system and end the mortal experience for OUR GROUP of advanced humans. We published a few articles under The Humanity Party®, and I wrote some things about it in an online blog. (Editors: please find and insert links to these.) We told the Real Truth™.

If it doesn’t happen sooner, the following is what will occur on June 16, 2145, at 2:30 a.m.:

A young boy of twelve years, a highly intelligent boy, one the world will consider a savant, will have been “scouring the Internet for nuclear-related things” for a few years. But at that time in the future, there will be a lot more known about fusion, and a lot more one can find on the Internet.

Fusion is the nuclear reaction that created and maintains the sun of our solar system. Modern scientists will discover ways to control fusion and use it to … make money. However, they will never be allowed to discover the one piece of information that they would need to generate the same reaction that created our sun.

When the time is right … or better … when the time is wrong, this young twelve-year-old savant will be given this one piece of information. Being a savant, this boy will not have a normal brain that can distinguish socially-acceptable acts from those that are not socially acceptable. But he will be highly sophisticated (in one way) and intelligent and possess an exceptional brilliance and skill at understanding nuclear fusion.

The one piece of information about a fusion nuclear reaction that scientists will not be allowed to discover, because they could then recreate the sun, will pop into this savant’s mind. Not having the social mental ability to reason out what it would mean to the rest of humanity if he creates a new sun, the savant will recreate our sun in his homemade reactor. His new sun will instantly vaporize Earth and all the rest of the planets, as well as extinguish our sun.

Today’s scientists call this a supernova. A supernova is when a star (a sun) suddenly increases greatly in brightness because of a catastrophic explosion that ejects most of its mass … at least that’s what scientists have guessed. And science is wrong.

What we observe as a supernova out in the universe is another sun exploding and engulfing an entire solar system where another group of humans live. This is allowed to happen when the humans assigned to the solar system cannot cohabitate as intended. We must be able to exist as mortals on planets, in other solar systems found throughout the universe, according to our purpose.

By June 2145, somewhere else in our universe, human scientists will be looking into space and observe and take note of another supernova—OURS. They will not realize that an entire solar system and billions of people disintegrated instantly. These same scientists will also observe and make the conclusion that the universe is expanding, at least from their perception and perspective. (Grandpa explained these two words in a preceding chapter.) The Real Truth™ is, whenever a new sun is created, where one did not exist previously, the creation pushes outward, giving the impression of expansion.

Remember what the final MWAW book is called? Its title includes a very important clue—A Final Warning to the Human Race. The information in the book will warn the human race what is going to happen if people do not change things on Earth.

No amount of worldly education and good will are going to change things. History has proven this. Lisa Hughes proved this and provided a real life example that Grandpa could use.

The only thing that will save this world is if the people of the world learn the Real Truth™ about who they are and why they exist, which will then change the way they look at each other and do things.

The first step in doing this is to end poverty and inequality throughout the world. The people of the world can take this first step. We have the knowledge. We have the technology. The Humanity Party®’s political platform has provided the blueprint for the right type of government that can initiate change without impeding the purpose of mortal existence—individuality and free agency, for all, equally.

At the same time the world was finding out that even a young teenager could make a homemade nuclear reactor, we were presenting the world with a plan that could end poverty throughout the world. We offered anyone, of any education level, anyone, $100,000 in cash, if one could show a flaw in the plan and prove that the plan would not work. No one stepped up to challenge the plan, because it will work! The excuse made for it not working was that people wouldn’t get behind it and back it.

For goodness sake, I couldn’t even get any of your parents (my children) to stand up and back the plan. None ever mentioned it to anyone or ever discussed it with me. If I couldn’t even get my own kids to consider the plan, you can imagine the success I’d have with others. But anyways … Sigh …

Yep, Grandkids, through your narcissistic sociopath of a grandfather, the world was given the perfect plan to take the first step towards living together in peace and actually having eternal mortal life. Solving poverty is the first step.

The second step is eliminating everything upon Earth that can stop the mortal experience (cause death) … even aging. If we can convince the world to live in peace and equality, then maybe we can convince the world to get rid of everything that can kill a human.

Can you imagine convincing animal activists and conservationists that we need to get rid of all the animals that can kill us … every single one!? We need to kill all of the grizzly bears, all of the polar bears, all of the lions, wolves, sharks, and every predator that has the ability to kill a person. Good luck, right?

So, what would keep these “educated” activists from wanting to get rid of a life form that can kill a human? The answer is simple—their egos. Yep, good ol’ Lucifer.

These “learned” ones spend a lot of money studying animals in school. They get others to give them money (grants) to study animals and nature, including all the predatory animals that can kill humans. They receive money and worldly glory and knowledge for their work saving these animals. So, if we got rid of all of the animals that hey have spent years studying, where would these “learned” ones get their self-worth and value?

Remember what Grandpa said about education? Nothing that nothing that is taught in school is of any long-lasting benefit to humanity. Sure, an education might help you make more money once you are educated in the tricks required to convince someone to give you their money. Does anything that is taught in school, however, have any real benefit to humanity?

Look at our world. Look at all the things that we have learned. Consider all this education … all those books. Now be honest and ask yourself whether our world is moving towards “peace and life eternal” or to humanity’s eventual destruction. Is the world becoming a happier place in which to live or a world of depression, anxiety, self-doubt, and loneliness?

Come on, Grandkids! You know the answer. What good is all this education and science, if humanity isn’t moving towards becoming better?

Maybe education would be good if we were taught the Real Truth™ about how things really are, how they really were in the past history of the earth, and how they really will be in the future.

Well, I already told you what is going to happen in the future no later than mid-year 2145. This is the Real Truth™. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Keep in mind what I wrote in the last chapter about how you will know that Grandpa’s knowledge is the Real Truth™:

“You will know because Grandpa is going to give explanations that science and God cannot. And when you consider my explanations, I have no doubt that they will make sense to you. If they don’t make complete sense, according to what you have actually experienced in your own boring, normal life, then they are lies. They must make sense according to your own knowledge, not according to your experience attending school and learning the lies told by others, but from your own experiences. If they make sense, then what Grandpa is telling you is Real Truth™.”

So, let’s consider for a moment the first step in making the world a better place—solving poverty. No one has ever challenged the plan that was presented to the world through Grandpa. It is a plan that not even the most brilliant economists and political scientists in the world can dispute. It makes complete sense.

Now let’s consider getting rid of all the animals on Earth that can kill humans. As Grandpa tells you the Real Truth™ about where these animals came from, see if it takes sense ” according to what you have actually experienced in your own boring, normal life … according to your own knowledge, not according to your experiences attending school and learning the lies told by others, but from your own experiences.”

Where do new species of plants and animals come from?—Science. Why do scientists create new species of plants and animals? They can make money from convincing people to buy plants and animals that they want.

Scientists would try to convince you to consider it another way. They want you to believe that they are serving humanity.

Did these new species of plants and animals exist before humans made them? No. So, from your own knowledge “according to what you have actually experienced in your own, boring normal life, … according to your own knowledge, not according to your experience attending school and learning the lies told by others, but from your own experiences,” the questions become:

Where do new species of plants and animals come from? And how are new types of viruses and bacteria created?

Check out this article from Scientific American:

Scientists Re-created an Extinct Virus

“For years there have been warnings that advances in science could make it possible to cook up killer diseases in laboratories and unleash them on the world.

“This week came news that scientists at the University of Alberta have put together from scratch a relative of the smallpox virus — and a reminder that the threat of deadly viruses created by humans is more than theoretical.

“The smallpox virus, which triggered brutal disease for centuries, was declared eradicated after a successful global effort to end its reign of terror. But some scientists fear that it could be revived through what’s known as synthetic biology — the ability to make a virus by putting together by the recipe outlined in its genetic code.”

What!? Humans can create a new, or an old, virus “by putting together by the recipe outlined in its genetic code”? Yep. Additionally, if science knew the recipe to create a new plant or animal, can science create whatever type of plant or animal that it wants? Yep. And, if science knew the recipe to create a new planet on which humans could live, could it create one? Yep.

During the First Dispensation of Human Time upon this earth, billions of years ago, humans weren’t creating anything new that didn’t serve humanity, properly and equally for all. Our first ancestors never considered creating a grizzly bear that could rip apart a human and eat a person. And surely, they never considered creating a T-Rex that could rip apart the largest grizzly bear.

So, what made human scientists so long ago start creating things that could kill other humans? The answer is simple—their egos. Yep, good ol’ Lucifer! The Real Truth™ is, everything that can kill a human, even old age, was created by humans “by putting [it] together by the recipe outlined in its genetic code” … ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!

All of these answers will make complete sense as Grandpa gives them to you, either as I explain them throughout my autobiography or in the MWAW’s last book. One day, you will have access to the MWAW book, The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality—A Final Warning to the Human Race. This book will either convince people to work together and start changing the world for the better, or it will deliver the Real Truth™ to “the hardness of their hearts and the blindness of their minds unto their being brought down into captivity, and also into destruction, both temporally and spiritually according to the captivity of”—Their egos; yep, good ol’ Lucifer!

In the early part of the 19th Century, my mentors attempted to influence change in the new nation of some united states. These states were full of Christian people who had been tricked into believing that God gave them the U.S.A. as a reward for their righteousness (cough, cough, cough … sorry, Grandpa got some phlegm of hypocrisy caught in his throat). My mentors texted some words to Joseph Smith about what Grandpa was going to be involved with in the future:

“For the time cometh, saith the Lamb of God, that I will work a great and a marvelous work among the children of men; a work which shall be everlasting, either on the one hand or on the other—either to the convincing of them unto peace and life eternal, or unto the deliverance of them to the hardness of their hearts and the blindness of their minds unto their being brought down into captivity, and also into destruction, both temporally and spiritually, according to the captivity of the devil, of which I have spoken.”

While Grandpa was riding the bus from Kalispell, Montana, back to San Diego, California in the early part of November 1978 (because my dad couldn’t figure out what to do with me), a new virus was being created. A SICK GROUP OF CHRISTIAN SCIENTISTS WAS PUTTING TOGETHER A RECIPE OUTLINED IN THE HUMAN IMMUNE SYSTEM’S GENETIC CODE. ITS PURPOSE WAS TO CREATE A NEW VIRUS THAT THESE SICK PEOPLE KNEW WOULD AFFECT THE SEXUAL FLUIDS SHARED BETWEEN TWO HUMANS OF THE SAME GENDER.

Upon returning to San Diego, my relationship with Tammy Weech was strained. Dad did well by sending me away from her. I played basketball for the Poway Titans and was one of the top scorers in San Diego. Having lost the main drive for basketball, however, I got into a skirmish with the coach and quit. When my dad found out, guess what he did? He sent me to Utah.

While my family stayed in California, my dad sent me to live with my aunt and uncle (Ron and Beth “Nemelka” Westerman) in Salt Lake City so that I could attend West High School. West High School was the Nemelka family’s alma mater. My family was proud of the Nemelka name that was associated with this school. My uncle, Richard “Dick” Nemelka, would be one of the most popular sport figures of the early Seventies. He would go on to have a short career as a professional basketball player.

During the late Sixties and early Seventies, the Nemelka name was synonymous with worldly success. My grandfather, Joseph Nephi Nemelka, ran for Salt Lake City Mayor. I had uncles who were successful attorneys. My grandfather had ties to the high leadership of the LDS/Mormon Church. My grandfather would work for the Church up until the end of his life.

I enrolled at West High School as the basketball season was winding down. West’s team was going to the state tournament, so I played a few games with them. But now, I belonged to the football powerhouse of Utah—West High School under coach Gene Plaga.

I remember working out with the team for a couple of practices during the summer of 1979 (before the start of my senior year). I remember thinking that these Utah players could not possibly be varsity players. In California, they would have been junior varsity, as far as their talent was in my eyes. But my ego wouldn’t last. That summer I would destroy my knee playing softball for our church team.

I remember waking up from the operation to repair my knee with my uncle Dick at my bedside shaking his head. He lamented, “I told your dad not to let you play church sports!”

I suppose I was the one of our generation to follow in his footsteps. I was a much better athlete than my brothers and cousins. However, Jody would go on to become a very successful wrestler in his day. If Cory would have tried, he too could have gone much further in sports than he did. But in my eyes, my brother Cory, was more interested in hating me and treating me badly than pursuing his own talent. Cory was not nice to me throughout our entire lives, and would continue his meanness and contempt for me far into adulthood.

I was the star of the varsity football team at Poway as a junior. Cory was a senior and didn’t do too much with football. Was he jealous? I do not know. Cory was unkind to me our entire lives. (More details on how Cory treated me later.)

But anyways …

Because of my injury, I didn’t play football my senior year at West. My dad didn’t care so much about my athletic ability and, at the time, I felt that my Heavenly Father didn’t either, or God wouldn’t have let me get injured playing at church.

Shortly after I enrolled at West High School in February of 1979, class elections were held. I hadn’t been at West for more than just a couple of months, when one of my best friends at West High, Chris Vaughn (a girl), nominated me and ran my campaign for Senior Class President. I ran against a kid named Mike Clark. Mike had lived in Salt Lake most of his life and knew all the kids. Mike also played football. And, in a twist of irony, Mike played the exact same positions that I did. Had I played my senior year, Mike would not have played much. Needless to say, I wasn’t very well liked by a lot of the popular guys.

Somehow, I beat Mike for Senior Class President. I really didn’t want to be president. I hated it. I didn’t know the kids very well, and I had a hard time making close friends, having been sent to so many schools in the past. But I did know how to treat people.

I smiled and greeted everyone. Two of my best friends were a couple of girls named, Donna York and Kelly Baker. Both were a bit different and not too attractive. But I treated both as I did everyone else. In fact, although I was not attracted to either Donna or Kelly, I felt more comfortable around them than I did around the popular kids.

However it happened, I won the election and became Senior Class President. As I sat upon the stand at graduation at the Huntsman Center located at the University of Utah before giving my speech, I remember feeling bad that I was the Senior Class President that broke tradition.

Before 1980, it was tradition that West High hold all of its graduation ceremonies in the famous LDS/Mormon Tabernacle located at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. Whether it was a coincidence of uncanny circumstance or not, the Church decided that, from 1980 on, West High could no longer hold its graduation on Temple Square. I was the Senior Class President of the first class kicked out by the powerful LDS/Mormon Church. Yep, prophetic.

I gave my speech and looked towards the student section. I caught Lisa Hughes’ eye for just a moment and we both exchanged a smile. That was the last time I would see her for many years.

As I sat there before my speech and pondered on the fact that I hardly knew the other students, I knew what I was going to do. Because West High traditionally held its graduation in the Mormon Tabernacle (yep, where the world-famous choir sings), the students did not throw their hats at the end out of respect for the religious building. Again, whether prophetic or not, after I received my diploma, I took off my hat and launched it as high as I could. No one else did. Only me.

Grandmother Nemelka was horrified and embarrassed. She had sent eight sons and one daughter to West High School, making a name for the Nemelka family by following traditional values and successes. And her own grandson was the one who broke with tradition.

Yeah, West High tradition wasn’t the only thing her grandson would break. Little did she know, but her grandson was going to break other traditional values that had given her a sense of personal pride and joy about the Nemelka family name.

My High School experience would end on the same note that my life’s purpose and mission would one day start—embarrassing those that gained worth and value from the Nemelka name.

Poor Grandma Gayle C. Nemelka.I would go on to challenger her ego by one day explaining the Real Truth™ about where the Nemelka name recognition had actually come from—yep, good ol’ Lucifer!

But anyways …