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Chapter 10: Pre-mission. Cory David Nemelka and me.

Have you figured out yet why I use profanity in my writings … and in my life? I use it a lot. Why? If you haven’t figured it out, let me make it clear:

I use a lot of profanity because the world’s religious, business, and political leaders, together with entertainers do not—at least not in public. Most of them swear in private; but when these worldly, successful people wear the masks that make them successful and hide who they really are in private, they do not use profanity.

I want nothing less than to be seen as a successful person in this world. If the world loves you, then it does because you are a part of it and are doing what makes the world what it is—what makes it successful at being what it is. And what is our world? Is it good?

The fact is … get ready for this Real Truth™ … the world is good.

How can the world not be good, when it is a creation of highly advanced—the most advanced—life forms possible? How can it not be good, when it is an environment where a conscious experience takes place in the minds of these highly advanced life forms?

Hopefully you’ll understand the good of this world someday. The purpose of this autobiography is to help you understand this. I am using my own life as an example to which you can relate because I’m certain that you and I have had similar experiences throughout our lives.

Another reason why I use profanity is because I am very uncomfortable when people see me as someone special and not equal to everyone else. It’s not hard to knock myself off a pedestal if someone has placed me on one. I need only to throw out a few swear words here and there to knock myself off the pedestal. The world’s most popular (religious, business, and political leaders, as well as entertainers and other successful people) do everything they can to be on top of such pedestal.

Now, Grandkids, you’re going to have my critics and enemies attempt to convince you that everything your ol’ grandad just wrote were excuses for him not being successful in life; that would be completely untrue!

As I have explained and asthe details of my life will show, I could have done anything that I wanted to do. I could have been as successful in this world as anyone, IF in so doing I would have found my happiness.

To prove the point that I am not the character of which my critics accuse me, offer the challenge to put the naysayer one-on-one in a room with me, record the event, and see how the critic fares. I have no doubt that, in every instance, both our true characters will be seen and both of our worldly potentials discovered.

I explained that the furthest thing from my mind was to become Senior Class President of West High School. I had only known the kids going to West High for about two months before I beat a guy that had grown up around them his entire life. I didn’t nominate me—Chris Vaughn did—but only after the insistence and support of one of the nicest people I have ever known, Ms. Bates, a jolly overweight secretary working in the principal’s office.

Ms. Bates had a heart of gold. She had grown up in Salt Lake City and knew the popular Nemelkas. She had attended West High with some of them in her youth. She took my hand one day, when I came to her to pick up the key to the Executive Board (E-Board) room. (The E-Board room was where the school and class officers met in private. I used the room often to lament the fact that I was Senior Class President. I was often depressed and used the room to isolate myself alone and, at times, even cry.)

Ms. Baines smiled and said, “Chris, you are a very special person. Very special.” Regardless of what my critics and enemies say about me, I have NEVER thought of myself as anyone special … EVER. You’ll have to ask Ms. Baines what she saw in me.

A guy named Barry Bright wanted to fight me after a school dance. I had no idea at the time why he wanted to fight me. I was with the only boy whom I could somewhat call a good friend at West—David Cutwright “Cutter”. Dave drove us to the dance in his car. As we left and were getting into Dave’s car to leave, Barry approached us and called me out. Again, at the time, I didn’t know why he wanted to fight me. I was not a fighter.

Besides playing basketball in Poway, I wrestled in a county league and won my weight class and also the two above my weight. One of the other Mormon kids attending Poway was a senior and had placed high in a statewide wrestling tournament. I pinned him in the first round.

Cory, Jody, and I were all great wrestlers. All that farm work paid off for us. But again, I wasn’t a fighter. I hated fighting. Jody was the fighter. Not a few times I had to break up fights that Jody had gotten himself into at school.

I got out of Dave’s car and asked Barry why he wanted to fight me. He didn’t say. He just wanted to fight, probably to show that all the weight lifting he was doing was worth something.

Another weight lifter, whom I called the Harry the Hulk, while we were going to West High School (his name escapes me at this writing), never asked to fight me, but one day he walked up to Jody and punched him in the face. Others came and told me. Harry the Hulk was friends with Barry Bright. Obviously, the two wanted to entice me into a fight.

I seldom got into fights growing up, except with my older brother, Cory, who always initiated them. As I wrote, my brother Cory didn’t like me much as we were growing up. He always started the fights. Our last physical fight was during the time that we were both playing football at Poway. I was well-known and a star on the team. Cory was not. Our cousin, Anthony “Tony” Nemelka was at our house when Cory confronted me about wearing his belt … yeah, wearing his belt. The fight began.

Cory was a strong wrestler; but at this time, I could hold my own. I didn’t try to beat Cory. I knew it would not be good, and my narcissistic sociopathic heart had a hard time beating up my older brother. Our cousin Tony was frantic and upset, but he eventually was successful at finally convincing Cory to stop whipping on me.

One would have to ask Barry, Harry the Hulk, and Cory why they didn’t like me and wanted to fight me. I truly didn’t have a clue why anyone would want to fight me. I was kind to everyone. I was thoughtful, compassionate, always good-natured, and complimentary (even if I had to makestuff up for others to feel good). I held the same good nature as a teenager that I did as a child. It is the same good nature I have as your Grandpa. I never got into any trouble. I generally did everything asked of me by Dad and Gloria. But I’ll have to be honest here—Gloria and I had our bad times.

Soon after we moved to California, Gloria’s last child, James Howell, was born. After my family finally joined me in Utah in 1979, we were living in the Holiday area, a suburb of Salt Lake City. I was watching television downstairs, and little James picked up a solid wood decorative bowl and threw it at my head. It hurt! An adrenaline reaction caused me to pick little James up by the scruff of his neck. I yelled, yanking him up and marching him upstairs. Gloria only saw the way I was carrying James. She hit me various times with her own hand, taking James from me.

I swore at her under my breath. And that was that … I thought.

My dad got home, called me upstairs, pushed me up against the wall, and hit me in the face with his fist. “Don’t you ever swear at your mother again!” He hit me with a closed fist in the face a second time and third time.

For the first time in my life, I pushed Dad back and went downstairs. I didn’t think then, nor have I ever thought about hitting my father back—EVER. Instead, I packed up a few things and ran away. I ran to my Grandmother Nemelka’s house. When I told her what had happened, she welcomed me with open arms.

Many years before, shortly after my dad and Gloria were married, I remembered moving in with my grandparents—only me. I learned that my grandmother had confronted my dad about the way that Gloria was treating me. She removed me from our home. I lived with her and your great-great grandpa, Joseph Nephi Nemelka, for a time. Those were good times for me as a little boy. For whatever reason, Gloria had a very hard time with me.

What was it about me? Why did kids want to beat me up? Why did Cory hate me and want to beat me up all the time? Why did Gloria not like me? How could Gloria’s niece smack a little boy just because he couldn’t pronounce words? And why did my dad move only me away to Kalispell, Montana, back to San Diego, then to Utah, all during my senior year of high school?

It couldn’t have only been because of my serious relationship with Tammy Weech. Mike and Cory were doing much more with girls than I was, especially Cory!

Out of his eleven kids, why did my dad move only me? Long story short, my dad was “inspired by God” to move me around so much—Yep, his “only true God”.

As I wrote above, I was a good kid. I obeyed my parents, got great grades in school, and was very successful at sports. At least according to how I felt others were treating me, everyone in my life seemed to like me, except Cory and Gloria.

So, why did my dad do many things to me in the years that followed, including trying to get me arrested in 1990?

Dad, Gloria, Cory, Barry, and Harry the Hulk, would not be the only ones who would do some things to Grandpa that might be considered malicious and terrible. All of your grandmothers would too.

So, was I the victim or the cause (perpetrator), deserving of the things that happened to me? Again … are you ready for the Real Truth™?

I was not the victim. I was the cause . Nothing that anyone has ever done to me, regardless of age, was terrible and malicious, at least from their perception and perspective.

Not one person in my life who has done something to me that was terrible and malicious, from my perception and perspective, has ever apologized … Never! And they don’t have to apologize. Why should they have to apologize for something that I deserved, according to their perception and perspective?

Grandkids, I’m not sure if you’ll ever get the chance, but if you do, you might ask this question of your grandmothers, Paula, Jackie, Marcee, or Vicky:

“What did Grandpa ever do to you that was so bad that you didn’t want him to see our parents?”

And it came to pass that, in the early part of 2002, Jackie, Marcee, and another woman with whom I had a very short relationship, Christine Marie Katas, would be asked to attend a meeting at the home of Earl Richardson. He wanted them to do whatever they could to convince his niece, Sherilyn Richardson, to leave me and not have anything to do with me.

(Later, details given in this autobiography will show how Sherilyn became my wife. Sheri was my wife when her uncle convened this meeting with some of my exes in an effort to get her to leave me.)

Sheri asked each of my exes what I had ever done to any of them that should concerne her enough to leave me. Their only answer was, “He will deceive you and break your heart like he did us.” (Keep in mind that none of these three women left me, until I broke things off with each.)

Sheri was with me and wanted to stay with me for the same reasons that Jackie, Marcee, and Christine Marie were with me and wanted to stay with me. Why? You’ll have to ask them why they didn’t leave me when they could have. You need to get their perception and perspective.

During the meeting, Sheri became frustrated with them. She was expecting these women to say that I had beat them, that I was mean, that I was a criminal, or that I had done something evil; but I only broke their hearts.

Here was Sheri’s answer just before she got up and walked out of her uncle’s house: “I’ll take my chances.”

Up until June 15, 1987, I had no idea what would cause another person to viscerally hate me. (Visceral means relating to deep inward feelings rather than the intellect.) I could understand why Jackie, Marcee, Vicky, Christine Marie and a few other women would viscerally hate me. The intellect has very little to do with the way a woman falls for a man. You can ask them why they were so stupid (lacked the intellect) that they fell in love with me and stayed with me, when they could have easily left me at any time.

I was not the victim in my relationships with women. I was the perpetrator (the cause) misery in their lives. I hurt these women because I did not choose to stay with them. I broke their hearts … viscerally.

Yeah, I eventually broke Sheri’s heart too. (Sherilyn Richardson isn’t the only “Sheri” in my life. We will get to each woman as we reach that part in my timeline.). But this I can truly say about your Grandpa—I would never intentionally hurt another person.

The difference between your grandmothers (and the few other women whom I hurt but with whom I had no children) and me is that I would ask for their forgiveness because I know that they were victims. Today, I would hug each of them with a smile and, if asked, I would do anything for them. I have always hoped the best for them, and always will. I can say this about all my critics and enemies too.

I can also say this about Barry and Harry the Hulk. RegardingCory and Gloria,well, if they were totally honest, they would tell you how I have treated them at the few family events that I have attended in the past. I smiled, hugged them, and never once treated them any other way than with compassion, kindness, and respect.

While attending our parents 50th wedding anniversary, I found myself speaking alone with Kevin Wendell (Full Bird Colonel Kevin Nemelka of the United States Army). I told Kevin that he had done things right, and that I had done things wrong in my life. I told him that, if he would ever tell his children something about their Uncle Chris, he should tell them that they need to abide by the rules of the world—don’t try to fight them as I had. He should tell them to become successful, not how Uncle Chris did it, but how their dad did. Neither Kevin, his wife, nor any of their kids has ever mistreated me, at least to my face. My older brother, Cory, his wife, and his kids are an entirely different other story.

Again, always keep in mind, that I have deserved everything I have experienced. I have never been a victim and have always been the perpetrator, according to the Real Truth™. I have always treated everyone with kindness, compassion and respect. I am this way viscerally (relating to deep inward feelings). I have been this way my entire life. I will always be this way … for billions and billions of years, worlds without end.

Now, this does not mean that I always hang around the people whom I treat with kindness, compassion, and respect. In most cases, although I always treat others well, I have a hard time being around most people. I know the Real Truth™ and I realize that my presence makes others feel uncomfortable and as a victim. And it is my kindness, compassion, and respect that a makes me want to get away and stay away from them.

Some might say, “Chris thinks he’s too good for us.” This is not true. The Real Truth™ is—Chris thinks he’s not good for us.

I know that my presence around my family and around the women with whom I had relationships in the past was not good for them. I know that my presence is not good for most people. And if I know this, but I still hang around them, will I not then become the perpetrator (cause) of their uncomfortableness? I can’t stand victimizing people by causing discomfort in their life. So, I stay away from them.

I wrote above, “Up until June 15, 1987, I had no idea what would cause another person to viscerally hate me.” After June 16, 1987, I knew exactly why a person can hate me and why a person can love me. I knew exactly why most people in this world hate me and very few love me. But to explain it, we need to change a word or two:

I know exactly why a person is not comfortable around me and why a person is. I know exactly why the people in my life whom I have victimized were not nice to me, and I know why it is so easy for me to be nice to them.

As I said, I am no one special. I’m like everyone else. And if you’re one who thinks I’m special … Well, I’m not!

Everyone is comfortable being around some people and uncomfortable around others. Unfortunately, most people are not nice to those with whom they do not feel comfortable. It is very rare in this world to find someone who treats everyone (friend or foe) equally nice.

I’m going to try to clarify my explanations by using the example of my relationship with Cory, my older brother. In explaining this Real Truth™, I am going to use Cory’s religion, which was once my religion before June 16, 1987—the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon).

According to Cory’s religion, Cory is a Celestial person. I am not. I do not do what the Church requires of a Celestial person. I do not believe in the eternal family. I do not got to church. I sometimes drink, have tried weed and other tried illegal drugs, and caffeine is a staple in my diet. I’ve been excommunicated and no longer have the gift of the Holy Ghost, as the Church supposes. I do not support God’s alleged chosen leaders and, worst of all, I do not believe in Jesus Christ.

For all intents and purposes, because I have been involved in something that takes even the most righteous and faithful Mormons away from the Church, according to Mormonism, I am an Anti-Christ, a son of perdition … of the worst kind. I have been following Lucifer for many years. I help Lucifer write books that, when read, cause a person to leave the Mormon God and the only alleged true and living church upon Earth. I hold in abject contempt and ridicule the power that God has given to men through the Holy Priesthood.

According to this particular god, there are three kingdoms of glory in the kingdom of God. The highest is the Celestial kingdom. The middle is the Terrestrial kingdom. And the lowest is the Telestial kingdom. Outside of God’s kingdoms is where the devil and his Sons of Perdition will live forever—Outer Darkness.

Here is the LDS/Mormon religion’s official definition of a son of perdition:

Sons of Perdition

See also Damnation; Death, Spiritual; Devil; Hell; Unpardonable Sin

The followers of Satan who will suffer with him in eternity. Sons of perdition include (1) those who followed Satan and were cast out of heaven for rebellion during premortality and (2) those who were permitted to be born to this world with physical bodies but then served Satan and turned utterly against God. Those in this second group will be resurrected from the dead but will not be redeemed from the second (spiritual) death and cannot dwell in a kingdom of glory (D&C 88:32, 35).

  • None of them is lost but the son of perdition, John 17:12.
  • It is impossible to renew them again unto repentance, Heb. 6:4–6 (Heb. 10:26–29).
  • Mercy hath no claim on that man and his final doom is never-ending torment, Mosiah 2:36–39.
  • He is as though there was no redemption made, Mosiah 16:5.
  • Those who deny Christ’s miracles to get gain shall become like the son of perdition, 3 Ne. 29:7.
  • They will receive no forgiveness in this world or the next, D&C 76:30–34 (D&C 84:41; 132:27).
  • They are the only ones who will not be redeemed from the second death, D&C 76:34–48.
  • Sons of perdition deny the Holy Spirit after receiving it, D&C 76:35.
  • Sons of perdition deny the Son after the Father has revealed him, D&C 76:43.
  • Cain shall be called Perdition, Moses 5:22–26.

There are some crazy people out there, who do crazy things and act crazy when they confront the LDS/Mormon Church and its leaders. The LDS/Mormon Church has a lot of critics. These “crazy ones” are generally ignored, because they are seen as crazy and pose no threat to a member’s testimony of the Church. They do not present things that can convince faithful Mormons that their religion is false. But I can. The Marvelous Work and a Wonder® has convinced even some of the most faithful members. (The well-known and respected Ida Smith, the great-great grand niece of Joseph Smith, is a case in point.)

Guess what, Grandkids? Grandpa’s not seen as crazy, and none of the crazy ones is feared and held in contempt like your good ol’ Grandpa is by the LDS/Mormon leadership. The Sealed Portion, if read with a sincere heart and real intent can and has de-converted many faithful LDS/Mormons. Grandpa is the LDS/Mormon Church’s Number One enemy. Yeah … good ol’ me … the ultimate Son of Perdition.

I fit the perfect description of what the Mormons believe a representative of Lucifer would present himself as, or as the devil himself might be, if in a mortal body. In their eyes, I’m handsome, charismatic, highly intelligent, smiling, and have an evil twinkle in my eye reflective of the 99% truth and the 1% lie. This is what they believe can deceive a person and take one away from the Church.

The Real Truth™ is that they are all correct about me. My presence, as the public representative of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder®, has victimized many members of the Church by taking many away from religion. I am a son of perdition, because I have “denied the Father and the Son after receiving a testimony of them through the Holy Spirit.” It is impossible to renew me again unto repentance. I will never repent of my presumed victimization of people. Yes, I will ask for their forgiveness, but it is impossible to change what I have done to them.

Mercy has no claim on me, and my final doom is never-ending torment, as they perceive it. I am as if no redemption was made for my sins, because I know that Jesus Christ was not a real person, but a religious character used to deceive the weak and control their minds and actions. According to their beliefs, I cannot receive forgiveness in this world or the next.

But anyways …

Cory’s children grew up fearing me. They pretty much hate me because of what they’ve heard about me from their father. Okay, that’s not fair … Maybe they don’t hate me, but they are very uncomfortable in my presence.

At a family Christmas party in 2006, I was handing out $20 bills to my nieces and nephews. I came to Cory’s daughter, Sarah, a mother of a boatload of Celestial babies, and her staunch LDS/Mormon priesthood-holding husband. Sarah’s husband took the money I handed Sarah and gave it back to me, proclaiming, “We don’t take money from people like you! We don’t like how you get your money.” (I was working for WalMart at the time unloading trucks … But anyways.)

The wife of one of my other nephews, Johnathon, was sitting next to Sarah. “I’ll take the devil’s money,” she said with a smile on her face.

Yep, Cory and his son-in-law are supposedly Celestial people. Through the power of their priesthood and the Gift of the Holy Ghost, they claim to recognize one of the devil’s servants when they are in his presence.

Cory would relate to others that he would have dreams in which he was inspired to stop me and the work I was doing (the MWAW). Shortly after The Sealed Portion was first published in 2004, Cory gave it his best shot. He trolled me relentlessly online. I never said one negative thing about him.

Yeah, I victimized Cory when I came up to him at our parents’ 50th wedding anniversary in 2016, gave him a big hug and sincerely asked how he was doing. I victimized his kids every time I would smile at them and ask how they were doing in life.

You see, Cory and his kids don’t need to be nice to me. Cory never has been. He’s always felt uncomfortable around me our entire lives. Cory will not have to worry about ever dealing with me again. He is headed for God’s kingdom, and I’m headed for the Second Death—outer darkness with the devil. Why should Cory have to be nice to me when God is going to send me to hell anyway? Aren’t Cory and his kids treating me like God is going to treat me—terribly and maliciously, at least according to my perception and perspective.

Now, do you want the Real Truth™, Grandkids? Everyone is right. Which makes everyone wrong.® Cory’s Celestial kingdom is my hell; and my Celestial kingdom is Cory’s hell.

Cory and I have never been comfortable around each other, because we have completely different humanity types. We are both right, which makes us both wrong for each other. Neither of us has to hang around the other.

This is where people have it all wrong. Just because you are part of a family doesn’t mean you have to hang around your family, if you’re not comfortable being around them. I have never been comfortable hanging around my family. Gloria has never felt comfortable being around me as her step-son.

From the perception and perspective of an LDS/Mormon, the Holy Ghost was helping Gloria, her niece, Cory, and his son-in-law feel the future presence of whom I would become and whom I have always been—worlds without end, a servant of the devil.

As I have reviewed my life, I’ve always been a loner. I’ve never really fit in with the Nemelka family. I’ve tried. I’ve always been nice, when I’ve been around them. I’ve never done anything mean to anyone in my family.

What my dad did and what Cory has done to me was not nice; but it wasn’t any meaner than what God is going to do to me after I die, according to them. They are justified in treating me terribly, because their god is going to treat me with with the ultimate terribleness—He will cast me out into outer darkness.

But guess what? I’d much rather be partying with the devil in hell than worshiping in the temple with the Mormon God forever. Partying is so much more fun. If faithful LDS/Mormon types are those who are going to reside forever in the Celestial kingdom, PLEASE, DEAR LORD, SEND ME TO HELL! I’m just messing around a bit—here’s the Real Truth™:

Each one of us is the best person we could possibly be. We are all equally good and the best according to what each of us has chosen for ourselves. I’m going to try explain the Real Truth™ about this as easily as I can. The following is not exactly how it is, but I am going to use some of the outline of Cory’s religion because I want Cory to be able to follow it (he being inculcated by his religion to hold strong to specific perceptions and perspectives as Grandpa explained before). The following scenario is close enough to the Real Truth™ to help you understand the Real Truth™ about our existence as advanced humans:

Before we had a mortal experience on this earth (pre-mortality), we all started out as ungendered, equal infants created by advanced human mothers, whose only purpose in existing was to create us and help us choose who we wanted to become during our new life.

We were created (born) and lived on our Mothers’ planet with them. We lived in their solar system. In their solar system, there are various planets filled with other advanced humans living life the way each wants to live. The people decide to live on the planet of their choice, depending on if they are comfortable with the rest of the people living upon the same planet.

From the perspective of my LDS/Mormon family members, I offer this explanation:

These are exalted people having been redeemed by God. They have each received their own individual place in God’s kingdom. They reside in the Celestial kingdom (under the supervision of the Father), the Terrestrial kingdom (under supervision of Christ), or in the Telestial kingdom (under the supervision of the Holy Ghost). Each “degree of glory” (kingdom) has three divisions; each division has its own planet.

Yep, according to this perspective, the Holy Ghost will eternally oversee those who live in the Telestial kingdom, those who

“… are thrust down to hell … [who] received not the gospel, neither the testimony of Jesus, neither the prophets, neither the everlasting covenant. … These are they who are liars, and sorcerers, and adulterers, and whoremongers, and whosoever loves and makes a lie. These are they who suffer the wrath of God on earth. These are they who suffer the vengeance of eternal fire. These are they who are cast down to hell and suffer the wrath of Almighty God, until the fulness of times, when Christ shall have subdued all enemies under his feet, and shall have perfected his work.” (See Doctrine and Covenants 76:84, 101-106.)

You see, you LDS/Mormon Folks, you, the Holy Ghost is actually in hell, overseeing things for God there. In other words, the Holy Ghost is actually the devil who oversees these kinds of people. …

Ah, just kidding, Cory. You know the Lord will work out all the kinks in his doctrine and covenants … not to worry. Sorry for victimizing you again. Rest assured, you won’t have to deal with my victimization anymore in this life or in the next. Remember, I am a son of perdition.

I “know [the Lord’s] power and have been made partakers thereof, and suffered myself through the power of the devil to be overcome, and to deny the truth and defy [the Lord’s power—[I am one of ] they who are the sons of perdition, of whom [the Lord has said] that it had been better for them never to have been born; For they are vessels of wrath, doomed to suffer the wrath of God, with the devil and his angels in eternity; Concerning whom I have said there is no forgiveness in this world nor in the world to come—Having denied the Holy Spirit after having received it, and having denied the Only Begotten Son of the Father, having crucified him unto themselves and put him to an open shame. [I am one of] these [who] are they who shall go away into the lake of fire and brimstone, with the devil and his angels—And the only ones on whom the second death shall have any power; Yea, verily, the only ones who shall not be redeemed in the due time of the Lord, after the sufferings of his wrath. For all the rest shall be brought forth by the resurrection of the dead, through the triumph and the glory of the Lamb, who was slain, who was in the bosom of the Father before the worlds were made.” (See Doctrine and Covenants 76:31-39.)

Grandkids, is there any wonder why Cory and his kids see me the way that they do? The fact is, Kevin and his kids have no choice but to see me in this way. All of my family members who are LDS/Mormon have no choice but to see me in this way.

Now I hope it makes sense why I decided to cut all ties with my family and not have anything else to do with them throughout my life. Regardless of their own actions, my compassion, kindness, and respect for them, knowing the Real Truth™, I do not want them to feel uncomfortable around me.

Let’s say there are nine planets in our advanced Creators’ solar system. Let’s say these planets are divided into three different levels, depending on the three general humanity types to which all humans belong, according to the way we each choose to live. Let’s call the three different levels: the Solarian kingdom, the Lunarian kingdom, and the Stellarian kingdom.

Our Creators belong to their OWN GROUP of advanced humans. These have already grown and chosen their humanity type, where a “humanity type” is simply a person’s particular way of dealing with the environment and with the other people found in that person’s environment. There is no humanity type that is any better or worse than any other. Each is perfect according to the individual’s choice.

For literally billions of years our Creators and the others in THEIR GROUP experienced enough life upon their own creators’ planets. This was enough time to allow them to make the right choice for each of them, according to individual desires and the perception and perspective each gained from living as a newly created advanced humans.

So, OUR GROUP was created, not in our own solar system, but in our creators’ solar system, on a planet where new children are born and raised. Raising children takes personal sacrifice and is hard. Most advanced humans are not comfortable raising kids. So, let’s call the advanced humans who like to have kids “Solarians”. These live on one of the nine planets in their solar system where kids are raised, albeit on a sub-planet of the Solarian kingdom.

When we are born, we are born only on one planet; but there are eight others to which we can travel and see what it is like to live on a planet where people do not have any kids. We get to travel to any of the other eight planets we choose. Although there are only three different kingdoms associated with each humanity type, there are three different sub-kingdoms in each, making nine planets altogether.

We are born, we learn how to travel in our new bodies, and we take off into the solar system to visit the other eight planets and see how these people live. We want to experience what perspectives and perceptions they have gained over time. We get to associate and see the people living in the different “kingdoms” according to their humanity type, and then we get to choose what our own kingdom is going to be.

We could not have chosen without different options being available. If there was only one planet, then there wouldn’t be much of a choice. We’d all be forced to choose the Celestial kingdom …. oops … Freudian slip … I meant … we’d all be forced to accept life as our creators (our parents) live it, having only their perception and perspective to choose. There would be no choice for us individually.

And it came to pass that both Cory’s True Self and my True Self started out the same. We traveled around the country (solar system). We were both of the same DNA, so the choices we made for ourselves were not made because of our bodies, but because of our individuality. Cory’s pre-mortal Self chose a different lifestyle, a different planet, and a different humanity type than I did.

Eventually, we were able to join with others who made the same choices as each of us did. Cory’s True Self would live with his chosen friends on their planet, and I would live with my chosen friends on ours.

But first we had to create the planets according to that with which we were comfortable and according to our free-willed choices. We made different planets that fit perfectly for each sibling (the other advanced human belonging to our group).

Because Cory’s planet and friends are different from mine, if I were to ever visit Cory and his friends on their planet, I would not be as comfortable as I am when I am on my own planet with my own friends. And, if Cory were to ever come to my planet for a visit, he could only stay a short time, before he would get uncomfortable and wants to return home to his own.

Because we have lived on our own planets for billions of years, Cory and I are probably forgetting how wonderful it is to live with our friends on our chosen planet. So, in order to continually have an appreciation for our own friends and planet, we need to be around others who are different from us from time to time. Cory and I need to visit each other’s planets so that we can continually reassure ourselves that we made the right choice of friends.

However, it isn’t fair to Cory’s chosen friends that I come for a visit, disrupting their lives just to remember a different experience than my own. Again, the purpose of the visit would be so that when I go home, I will be glad that I am home. Thus, I will always appreciate my home more than Cory’s.

If someone has a home and someone whom they are not comfortable around just shows up out of the blue, is it fair to the person who didn’t ask the other to show up? No. So … follow Grandpa here and let’s relate this to your own experience upon Earth.

If I didn’t invite you to my home, and you just decided you wanted to drop by my house so that you would feel uncomfortable and then appreciate your own home, that sucks for me. Right? We wanted to avoid this, but we still wanted the opportunity to be around our siblings (members of OUR GROUP—those of the “family” formed when we were all first created as new advanced humans).

Each of our “siblings” independently chose their own kingdoms and humanity types and live on different planets. When we visit them, we are reminded of how much we appreciate our own choices.

To solve the problem of allowing visits without disrupting others, we decided to make another planet where we can all go. It had to be one that isn’t our home. It is a place where we can have a family reunion and be around each other just long enough to appreciate going back home.

And that, Grandkids, is why this earth exists. There is no other purpose for Earth. It is a place where our eternal family reunion takes place. We each choose, if we want, to attend the family reunion or not. We can also choose when we want to show up. We don’t have to show up, but it is nice to see our siblings and see whom they have become.

Simply consider the way that you feel when you are around your own family at one of your family reunions. At first, you’re very excited to be there, as you have look forward to seeing everyone. Then, however, you start to see how different you are from everyone else.

Most of the family members are acting how they must in order to be accepted by other members of the family. Some of your siblings are more successful in life than you, so you get this feeling that they think they are better than you, because you are not as successful. You might not have stayed faithful to your family’s religious beliefs. This causes discomfort around those who feel sorry for you and judge you.

There was a time when my grandmother, Gayle Nemelka, would not invite me to the Nemelka family reunions. Anytime I did show up, an outsider would think that I am one of the funniest, kindest, most compassionate Nemelkas. I would play with the little children, and treat everyone the same.

I was well aware that my LDS/Mormon family members thought I was lost, being out of the Church. Although they might have treated me like their God would when He eventually sends me to hell, I treated them compassionately, kindly, and with respect.

Needless to say, each time I left a Nemelka family reunion, I was very glad I was nothing like the rest of my family. Thank you Elohim, Jehovah, and the devil himself, the Holy Ghost!

But anyways …

Because I am an advanced human with a very advanced brain (as we all are), I don’t need to actually, physically, leave my comfortable home in order to visit a place where Cory and the rest of my family might also be reuniting. We can do it through virtual reality—through our advanced brain’s ability to have a dream experience.

Now do you understand why Cory has hated me throughout this life, or rather, has been uncomfortable with me our entire lives? Now do you understand why Gloria had a hard time with me, even though I was just a small boy? Do you understand why your Grandmas had a hard time with me (and why I had a hard time with them)? Do you understand why Barry and Harry the Hulk wanted to fight me?

None of the above persons hated me, per se, but because they were uncomfortable with me. They will always be uncomfortable around me, as I will always be uncomfortable around them.

The difference among us is that I know the Real Truth™. Knowing the Real Truth™ allows me to treat others nicely, even when I am not really comfortable being around them. If they knew the Real Truth™, Cory and his kids might treat me with kindness, compassion, and respect every time they saw me. Instead, they’re unkind towards me—and always have been, at least according to my perception and perspective. It’s all visceral (relating to deep inward feelings rather than intellect).

People on this earth act as they really are. Every person justifies what he or she does and what he or she thinks, as being the right thing to do or think upon doing or thinking it. From their person perception and perspective, nothing they do is wrong; and they would be right.

A Solarian person is much different from a Lunarian or a Stellarian. My brother Cory is an LDS/Mormon Celestial person in his world, but a Lunarian in my world. I am a Solarian, always have been, always will be, mortal incarnate upon mortal incarnate. Both Cory and I, regardless of whatever mortal life we lived in the past before living as Cory and Chris Nemelka, acted the same way that we act during this mortal life. Neither is wrong. Both are right

Ironically, Cory would not go on an LDS mission. I would.

After high school, I was a walk-on for the football team at Rick’s College located in Rexburg, Idaho. Because my knee injury kept me from playing at West High, I thought I had to prove that I still could. When I was a junior, I could run the 100-meter-dash (yards back then) in around 10.6 seconds. I ran the 40-yard-dash in around 4.8 seconds. That’s pretty fast. After my knee injury, however, I could not get my times down below 11 and five seconds respectively. My legs would not move with the same speed as they had before.

Regardless, I was a walk-on on Rick’s College football team and quickly became the number one defensive back. I was offered the most that the coach could offer a walk-on athlete, which was just a partial scholarship the first year, then a full scholarship the next. Although I wasn’t as fast, I was proud that I could still play football. I figured that if I could prove my skill for two years at Ricks, I would be recruited by the BYU football program and play at a major college.

A kid I had played basketball against in my senior year at West, Kyle Morrel (some spelling like that), went on to become an All-American Defensive Back from BYU. I was bigger and stronger than Kyle, but not as fast anymore.

But then it happened …

Although I was offered the scholarship, during a practice some kind of energy (something that I can only describe as similar to but not as intense as the feeling I felt on June 16, 1987), came over me.

On the football field at Rick’s College (now BYU Idaho), I lost all of my competitive edge. I no longer wanted to compete against others. I took off my helmet and told the defensive back coach that I was quitting. I can’t remember his name, but he was surprised and followed me into the locker room, trying to convince me that I had the talent to become a very good defensive back in college. It didn’t matter what he said, the feeling was too overwhelming. There was no way I was going to be able to hit other players with the same intensity that would be required of a successful defensive back.

So, critics and enemies. I had the chance to pursue a college career in football. It’s not that I didn’t have the skill and potential. So, what’s your reasoning for my immediately losing my desire for competition at this time? Huh? What happened to my narcissistic sociopathic brain that made me want to quit football? I filed the paperwork to go on a mission for the Church.

Maybe Lucifer wanted me to play football, but God wanted me on that mission. You see, Grandkids, no matter what family reunion I attend, I am who I am—always have been and always will be.

Cory would become a successful entrepreneur in computers. His talent and skill at computer engineering is matched only by a few. He would be loved by his family, by his kids, and by the world. I would become a recluse and a bum.

During the time that he was trolling me after The Sealed Portion was published, Cory would call me out for victimizing my own children and their mothers. Among other things, Cory actually said that I chose to marry women who weren’t as good looking as me so I could make myself look good. Really!? Cory trolled that he would help my children financially, because I had abandoned them and didn’t pay child support. He trolled me relentlessly. For the most part, I ignored him.

Cory was never nice to me, because he stood up and protected who he had become. He protected who he is and who he has always been. I have never been anyone but who I am.

If the LDS/Mormon Church is actually what it claims to be—God’s ONLY true and living church upon Earth—then Cory is a hero and is justified in treating me how the only true God of this world will eventually treat me—as a Son of Perdition.

But, if I am who I claim to be, and the LDS/Mormon Church is not what it claims to be, then Cory David Nemelka is not nice, as he has never been nice. And thank the good devil below that I will not have to live in the same house as he does any longer—at least from my personal perception and perspective.